Friday, July 9, 2010

the first few days of a fourth weekend

So Laura left the hot and humid recesses of Manhattan to join us here in Colorado for a spectacular 4th of July weekend. We started Friday off with a lovely 3.5 mile run. Now, I live in a relatively hilly place. At certain points, I still get quite winded, such that the easy conversation we usually enjoy becomes significantly more labored. And then dear brave Laura had just ascended a mile from sea-level New York. I chalk it up to a combination of her youth and just plain luck that she did not have a heart attack (not that I was attempting to trigger one...nooooooo).

I was trying to decide how best to light off our fireworks since lighting them off during the day is stupid and once darkness fell we'd want to be where they were setting off the town's fireworks (and the idea of lighting them off at 10:30 pm didn't really excite me). Then a friend wisely suggested setting them off Saturday night - brilliant! The fireworks stand had "giant sparklers" and while I initially passed by them with a snort, like a moth to the (literal?) flame, I went back and insisted on them. The girl (who didn't look old enough to BUY fireworks, let alone sell them, but whatever) said, "It's like you're holding a Roman candle," and that's all I heard because then all that went through my mind was a constant stream of "INEEDTHATINEEDTHATINEEDTHAT."

It did not disappoint. Nor does the fact that the following picture make me look like I have a Popeye arm. Just imagine an anchor tattoo there on my bicep.

The kids loved it, of course, except that one of the first things I lit seemed tame and then suddenly started shooting sparks at twice the height/width, accompanied by a delightful/frightful high screech. I've never seen Gemma move so fast, as she spun on the spot and hippity-hopped (because that's the best description of her run - imagine running with high knees - that's how she runs) all the way up the driveway.

"Oh! Sooky!" she nervously laughed. "Sooky" is how she says scary. I hope she never decides to use the "right" word. She found solace in Laura's lap and enjoyed the "fox-ox" after that.

Sunday was an exercise in futility. We drove to the town center while ominous clouds raced in. We set up chairs and blankets as the wind kicked up. We chatted with friends as we nervously watched the storm creep towards us faster than go-time. The sprinkles started, the wind picked up, and the umbrellas came out. The rain started, the wind whipped, and we wondered if we would be considered parental failures for bailing on our country's birthday party. We agreed to retreat to the nearby parking garage to see if it lightened up before the show. This is where we went from parental failures to parental super heroes. Just minutes after we were warm and dry in the garage, the clouds wrung themselves inside out. Whoever designed that parking garage has a wacky sense of humor. Every 20 feet or so, there was some kind of seam because suddenly there were walls of water pouring down. Thankfully, we were parked between two waterfalls so we were safe, but I felt bad for the soaking wet people running into the garage, only to have to run through more water.

Monday was probably the best day. I dragged Laura to Red Rocks to run the stairs, which is just about as awesome as it sounds. Beautiful scenery, intense workout, lots of fun. And then we returned home, showered, and headed to Toast for breakfast. The kids loved the pancakes, but agreed that next time they just wanted the oreo pancakes. Gemma loved eating Laura's berries & cream-stuffed french toast and Joel's maple long johns (the words "custard-filled" and "dipped in cream" are magical). But we all agreed that the Santa Fe French Toast in front of me was the best. And get this - I totally didn't even think about asking how the eggs were cooked (I only eat scrambled eggs, thankyouverymuch) and several bites in, realized that there were two FRIED eggs. EASY OVER! And...I LIKED it. Of course, it could be that the chorizo and cheese and smoked sour cream and avocado sauces masked it, but who cares - I ate it!

Even better news - the fireworks were rescheduled and they were SO GREAT! The last couple years they've been kind of lame (no finale - just a...stop?) but maybe they scored some kind of day-after deal or something? Because they were fabulous. Note to self: get colored flame throwers.

Anyway, it was a great day. That's it for now. More later.


Lisa said...

After seeing the pictures and hearing descriptions, John and I are very sad that Toast is far-ish. Those look AMAZING!

laura said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, cream cheese saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauce.