Friday, July 16, 2010

weird and wonderful

This picture is weird and perfect. Gemma's personality is emerging at the speed of an F-16. She is lining up animals and playing with her dolls, she's sneaking into Donovan's room and playing with his Playmobil knights and pirates (and amusing him by crowding as many into Noah's Ark as possible), and then sneaking into Ainsleigh's room and putting on as much jewelry as she can find, before leaving with fists full of Barbies. She hands me the remote and says, "Hee mote Mommy. Want watch Dora. Ice Keem Tuck." Which means, "Here, Mother, I have brought you the remote control. May I please watch Dora, the Explorer. I prefer the episode that centers on the ice cream truck." Also, she doesn't like F-16s. Or whatever the really fast and loud super jets from the Air Force Academy are that occasionally pass over.

A month or so ago I posted video of Donovan doing his stupid dance, if you can even call it that. Well, last night, after I had stripped Gemma down to nothing in preparation for her bath (accompanied by the mandatory fluffing out her hair from the day's ponytail) she started doing this weird squat-walk thing. What the? I looked at her, and with a little smirk on her face, she raised her arms just like Donovan, closed her eyes, plastered on a ridiculous grin, and began swaying from side to side. I would give anything to have had a video camera handy, except that I couldn't possibly put it online because she is totally naked. But that, accompanied by her fuzzy strawberry afro, only contributed to how weird and awesome she looked.

She's a total people person, LOVES yelling "HI! See ya!" to everyone at Costco. Like they hadn't already noticed the circus of four redheads walking around in public like nothing was amiss. Something must have been in the water (or our hair?) today because no less than three times while there, people asked if my husband had red hair, too. Um, no. Our last name isn't Weasley. Ok, so I don't say that. But I think it - a split second before I wish I could cast a Confundus charm on them (though I suppose our very existence does that). But instead I say, "Nope! I have very persuasive DNA." I have very persuasive a lot of things.

At night (or for nap), after I have rocked Gemma and sung our songs, I gently place her in her crib and whisper, "Good night, Gemma. I love you. See you in the morning." And her half-closed eyes fly open, her hand raises and starts waving, and she chirps, "Bye, Mommy! Wuv oo! SEE-YA MOMMY!" Then she rolls over, closes her eyes and goes to sleep.

And at that point, not even an F-16 could wake her up.


Katie Ross said...

It's so fun to watch their personalities coming out. A & A learn a million new things every day, mostly making me laugh.

People must not have ever seen redheads before. I'm ready to dye my hair red like yours because I get the question ALL the time, EVERYwhere we go: Where did they get their red hair? And several other things along w/ it: They must be identical. No. Look close at them. All they notice is the red hair. But I love telling them it came from my mother because it makes me feel like a part of her is here.

Love your posts. Makes me feel like I should be better. But you are a very good writer and always make me laugh!

Annie said...

How sweet. And how fun to see who they become!

NancyO said...

Nancy Clemens says you need to enter that balloon picture in a contest or something - it's perfect.