Thursday, August 19, 2010

adventure running

It needs to be said that I ran 8 miles this morning. I didn't realize until I got up at 4:30 AM (no use sleeping until 4:50 when your body is already aware of what is in store and trying to evacuate itself of any excess weight) that our projected start time of 5:30 AM would find the dark. Not just "the sun is going to rise soon" dark, but the REALLY dark DARK. And we weren't just running around where there are streetlamps - we were driving a little bit and hitting a trail since it's so dang hilly here and if I'm going to run 8 miles, it needs to be relatively flat. And get this: trails don't have streetlamps. Who knew? I guess they wouldn't be trails anymore? So yeah, it was dark. I quickly checked to see when the sunrise would occur: 6:15. Huh. We got to the trail and confirmed: yep, dark. But you could make out the trail just enough, just not to see my garmin or whatever wild animals may lay beyond. One friend said she had seen coyotes on this trail before. FanTAStic. About a mile in, we discovered that there are bats in the area when one almost came in contact with another friend's face. That definitely gets your blood pumping. Also, she might have gotten pooped on. But all of this is what makes for a story that impressed the heck out of my kids. Because they don't care that I ran 8 miles today, but tell them more about BATS!

But seriously, I ran 8 miles today. And now I get to eat whatever I want today. That's how this works, right?


loewymartin said...

I want your motivation, or stamina or whatever it is that you eat that makes you want to go run 8 miles. Not sure what I would do with whatever it is you have, but I think I'd like it.

laura said...

That's TOTALLY how this works. The first time I ran 9 miles I came home and immediately ordered a pizza.

Way to go! It reminded me how much I really like the feeling of long runs--it's hard and you're tired, but it's such a good tired. Good job.

Margo said...

you are my hero. i have been trying to train for a 5K. that will be a huge accomplishment for me, so you are tops in my book. love ya.