Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Donovan, in three acts

I'm trying to record Donovan's laugh. It is, in a word, infectious. He is spectacular at laughing at himself and, like last night, does so with abandon. Last night I had him try on a couple new outfits to see if they fit. As he slipped the sweats up over his hips, his face broke into a grin.

"Oh," he said. "These feel so soft inside."
"Oh," he said, as he began to rise and fall on the balls of his feet.
"OH!" he said, as he began marching in place, bouncing between steps, then shaking his bum. His hand found its way to rest on his hip as he continued his little dance and his head fell back, eyes closed as if both amused and embarrassed at his own reaction, and his laugh welled up from his gut and powered out through his chest and face so that as he fell over, curled up in a ball, laughing at his own absurdity, the rest of us couldn't help but join in.

I love this kid.

Inspired by his love of Indiana Jones, he has assembled his own "explorer pack," as he calls it. I think it is supposed to be a messenger-style bag favored by the likes of said adventurer and Jack Bauer (whom he is unfamiliar with). Donovan's bag, however...let me do my best to describe it. The strap is actually a belt left over from an old Robin Hood costume (the belt was way too big at the time). He has looped it through the handle of the case that came with our doctor kit that every household should have. Ours is blue and hard plastic. One day, he had left it in the family room, so I opened it to see just what an explorer pack contained. Naturally, it has half a jump rope, serving as his whip. Obviously, he has a a magnifying glass. Wisely, he has an old cell phone that I haven't gotten around to recycling (they really do make great toys). When I asked him what the medal (that he won in his race last year) was doing in there, he said, "Oh, it's so I can block the sun if I need to. Or do refreckshuns for help or blinding people." Lastly, vainly, bestly (yes, I'm making that a word), he has his toy electric shaver. Gotta stay handsome! I love this explorer pack and I love that he flips the belt up over his head and one shoulder, puts on his cap, and says, "Bye mom! I'm off on an adventure!"

Donovan has also managed to teach himself two very important life skills in the past few days. First, he can now land on his feet when he does a front flip. This will come in handy when he's doing Star Wars stuff and fighting bad guys. I can't say I disagree. Second, he has learned the fine art of armpit farting noises. It started with behind-the-knee noises - he's lay down on his back, cup the back of his knees, and flail his legs about, giggling as they emitted noises. Then one day Joel watched him, then pulled his arm inside his own shirt, and knelt down next to Donovan as his legs flailed and began pumping his arm. "We can have a band!" he told his son, who was now rolling from side to side, eyes squeezed shut as he howled his laughter, as if his little mind couldn't handle any more hilarity. Since then, with much determination, he has been practicing. And you know what they say about practice. Even now, as I type this at the kitchen computer, he is alternating bites of frosted shredded mini-wheats, with armpit farts. Charming.

It may be considered rude, but I secretly rejoice when he does something so...boy. I love this kid, his laugh, his imagination, and his love of entertaining.


Annie said...

What a great and fun kid!

laura said...

He is so fantastic.