Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Reunion Recap Part II: Miscellaneous

More great faces

There's something about being in the car for 16 hours straight that brings out the conversation. It was while plowing though another hour of Interstate 80 through Wyoming that Donovan mentioned his idea for a TV show: Bears In Home.

Joel, curious as the workings of our children's minds and always looking for inspiration for his latest ad campaign, asked Donovan to elaborate. He wanted to have a house that was set-up for humans with toys and books and beds and couches and TVs and then every room would have a camera and then they'd put a family of bears in there to live and we could watch them as a TV show later.

My first thought was: What a horrible TV show.

Joel's first thought: This is a BRILLIANT idea, Donovan. And I like that you're calling it, "Bears IN Home" instead of "Bears AT Home."

This is why my children are fortunate to have Joel in their lives.

Did it end there? Certainly not - we had 11 more hours ahead of us. And Joel went over every aspect of Donovan's business plan. I kind of wanted to shoot myself (though that may have been more a response to the location) but since then we've enjoyed occasionally declaring: BEARS IN HOME. Keep your eyes peeled for Fox's 2020 television lineup. Who knows.

At the cabin, Donovan and his cousins had endless fun strapping on their backpacks (and some their helmets) and running around in the tall mosquito-infested grass. They climbed up the surrounding hills and trudged through the bordering forest. Donovan lamented the absence of his explorer pack (recap: it's a doctor kit with a belt looped through the handle, packed with a length of rope, a magnifying glass, a medal and a shaver. He has since added a kaleidoscope and a map. A couple days ago I was opening our front windows when I beheld Donovan running around with a neighborhood kid 3 years his senior. They suddenly stopped, Donovan opened his pack, extracted the shaver, "shaved," handed it to the other kid who also "shaved," stuck it back in the pack, and away they went. That scene will be my happy place for months to come.) but his new kindergarten backpack needed breaking-in anyway.

Ainsleigh and the cousin her same age commandeered the game room, using boxes and coolers and luggage to erect elaborate houses and neighborhoods for their dolls, Barbies and Pet Shops to play in.

I spent a fair amount of time reading and I've got to say that through it all, three little words kept playing at the back of my mind: Bears in home. Maybe he's onto something...


laura said...

I would totally watch Bears In Home.

Also, I really want to just press my cheek to Gemma's in that picture, but my computer screen is just not as soft as her cheek looks.