Friday, August 13, 2010

Family Reunion Recap Part IV: Hiking

One morning we decided to go for a family hike through two miles of a beautiful forest broken up by meadows. Gemma actually insisted on walking about half of the way. I would scoop her up if the tall grasses and ferns and ivy-looking plants (which may or may not have been poisonous) and carry her for a while. Or if it was particularly steep. What I didn't anticipate was that scooping and hiking and wearing jeans would make for a very moist me. About half a mile in, I said, "I don't know about the rest of you, but I think that ice cream for lunch sounds delicious." A few people laughed, though I wasn't sure what was so funny.

A couple days earlier, the ladies of the cabin went into town to an ice cream stand that boasted "Mountain High Scoops!" I am not easily impressed by hyperbole. But we're talking about ice cream here, and they weren't kidding around. For $2 it was more ice cream than one should probably eat, but it's a vacation! And it's hot! And it's BONDING! I had "half" a scoop of chocolate peanut butter and "half" a scoop of cookies & cream. But I had eyed a pomegranate blueberry sorbet that I suspected I'd see again.

Half a mile into the hike, I thought of that sorbet. I may have mentioned it again a couple times a lot. And let's be honest, I didn't STOP thinking about it. But the hike - the views were beautiful and Gemma thought everything was AMAZING! Donovan and Ainsleigh had gone ahead with cousins for most of the time and we chatted with others here and there, though we didn't see many people outside our family on the trail.

As we neared the top, a brother-in-law said, "I don't know if you've heard, Sarah, but we're thinking about getting ice cream for lunch." What an inspired idea! So, yes, that day my children's lunch consisted of water, cornuts and ice cream. Mountain high scoops of ice cream, no less. Do I know how to feed kids, or what?! And, for the record, that pomegranate blueberry sorbet was probably the best sorbet I've ever had. I still dream about it.


janine said...

totally love ainsleigh rocking those glasses! sup, j-lo!

laura said...

Can you come feed ME? That sounds delicious.