Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Family Reunion Recap Part V: The Lake

I seem to have forgotten I was talking about the family reunion. One of the things we learned is that Gemma can now ably navigate an iPod Touch - unlock it (slide your finger where it says), choose videos, choose Ni-Hao Kai Lan, and watch an episode, quietly stroking her ducky foot against her lips.

I am also eager to share a picture of Donovan with his newly acquired Indiana Jones hat, but the camera is currently on the fritz. Joel took it in to a camera shop that, after a couple days said, "We sent it to Nikon. It will probably be between $200-300." Since this is a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole flippin thing, we will be happy to pay that amount. However, I'm stuck on the "probably" part, and wait nervously for the actual verdict.

One verdict I'm pretty sure of - we're going to have the craziest frickin day of our lives this weekend. Or so the event web site promises.

But let's just close the family reunion recap first with a look at playing at the lake:


wanda said...

Well *I* don't know how to work an ipod touch, so good for her!

GWACK said...

I LOVE Gemma's little bathing suit. She looks darling in it. Cute and brilliant! I wouldn't expect anything less from your children.