Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Flat Ainsleigh Project: Utah and Texas

I'm playing catch-up and regret that I have not yet posted these pictures of willing participants in The Flat Ainsleigh Project - for shame! So a very apologetic thank you to Charlie and Sy of Texas and Utah, respectively, for hosting Ainsleigh during the colder months (as you can see in the snow shots). I'm even more embarrassed to say I have misplaced their journal pages so I will have to go from memory (and perhaps imagination). Mostly, check out the handsome boys who escorted (with a chaperon! - wait, chaperon doesn't have an E?! what the?) my little darling:

First up, Charlie of Houston!

If I recall correctly, Charlie wasn't feeling great. And apparently it gets cold enough in Houston that long sleeves (gasp!), a fire (gasp!) and hot chocolate are in order. Again - these pictures are GROSSLY delayed. I bet people in Houston wish it was cold enough to warrant long sleeves right now.

Charlie loves legos. And the Olympics. And his mama. But then, so do I. To all three, really. Maybe that's why I'm sure Charlie and I would get along famously, if placed in a room together. With a tub of legos, of course.

On to Provo, Utah! Sy no longer lives in Provo - THAT'S how old these pictures are. Sy's mom shares a special place in my heart with a handful (I have big hands) of other ladies from college. I adore these women. I adore Sy's mom. And her exquisite taste in fashion, music, home decor and friends. Plus, she has the best laugh ever.

Sy and Ainsleigh at music class, along with a jolly rancher (right?) in Sy's cheek

Sy took Ainsleigh to the Y on the mountain! A classic date that her mother never actually went on. How can she call herself a Cougar? (I mean, besides her perhaps questionable interest in Daniel Radcliffe and Zac Efron) Shame on so many levels here!!

Karate class! So Sy can learn how to defend Ainsleigh's honor?

A scene I used to gaze at fondly (and, if I was supposed to be heading
toward class, unhappily). I could go for some snow-dusted mountains
right about now. For a day or so, I mean.

So that was Ainsleigh's little foray into Texas and Utah. Currently she is visiting her all-time best friend in the world ever. In the meantime, I need to find the email from my mom to go along with the photos they took of Ainsleigh when they took her to France. My organization and timeliness astounds me. It's a wonder I actually ever successfully use coupons!


Anne said...

how fun! that snow does look nice right about now. thanks!