Sunday, September 19, 2010

Angry birds, quilting and football

(can anyone tell me at what age my children will stop making weird faces or standing so awkwardly in photos? or is that just asking for the moon?)

Last week, my parents came to visit for a few days after dropping off my youngest sibling at college. There's something just wonderfully comfortable about having my parents under my roof. And my kids go nuts for just about any visitor, let alone ones who think they are pretty fantastic. And bring an iPad.

We're all hooked on Angry Birds.

Seriously, if you have an iPhone or iPad, get Angry Birds. It's a game where birds, in an act of revenge toward pigs who have stolen their eggs, launch themselves via slingshot with the hopes of eliminating the offenders. It's hysterical. And tricky. And addicting.

Donovan, especially, loved it. And kept asking, "What if Grandpa forgets his iPad when he leaves?" Dream big, buddy. Gemma tried to play, but most of the time ended up launching her birds backwards into the line of waiting (angry) birds.

My mom brought out a quilt she had been working on for quite a while. I wish this picture did it justice. When we get Joel's good camera (update: it will cost $350 to fix, which was a relief when considering that replacing it would be at least 3x that) back, I will take some close-ups of the details because it is just so dang exquisite.

Speaking of the camera, Joel hasn't been that excited to use the back-up one because it's just not as good as his "real" one. Hence, less picture-taking. BOO! Like I can tell a difference? Maybe I can blame the camera for wrinkles and exaggerated freckles and the fact that I might have gained 5 pounds this summer. What is up with that?! Apparently sweating, from working out and just generally existing in mid-90 degree weather, doesn't count for much when you substitute the upper 3/4 of the food pyramid with ice cream. Delicious ice cream.

But now my chest freezer is almost entirely full of beef from the cow we purchased (and then split with friends), making it almost impossible to squeeze in just about anything else (especially delicious on-sale look at that price I should definitely stock up on 3 or 13 cartons of ice cream).

And then we'll get the good camera back.

And then I'll find something else to blame. And some other equally absurd "remedy."

Because HONESTLY - does a freezer full of delicious beef sound that different from a freezer full of delicious ice cream?

I wish I could blame Joel's camera and gallons of ice cream on BYU's embarrassing loss to Air Force last week. The upside was that the Air Force Academy is a really fantastic place to go to a football game. They are incredibly hospitable and respectful and we had a great time anyway. And it's pretty awesome to be called "ma'am" by a guy in uniform. I don't know why - it just IS.

Before the game (can I call it the Opening Ceremonies?) they had a lot (20 maybe?) of companies march out on the field. It was really moving to see them all lined up there, standing at attention. If my quick math skills serve me well (that's debatable), there were over 2000 people out there, standing at attention during a moment of silence in memory of September 11th of 9 years ago. Then they dismissed the troops and they broke rank (is that the right term? maybe I just made that up) and ran in (an organized, we were later told) chaos up the bleachers to the student section. My mom got choked up and said she felt like she saw a glimmer of Normandy Beach.

Good start, good company, crappy game. You win some, you lose some (though I suspect that if I said that within hearing distance of any die-hard fans I know, I would be disowned). With my parents in town, cheesy as it may sound, I felt like I was winning all the way.

Now if only I could get my hands on an iPad or iPhone...


Lisa said...

Man, think back to your childhood pictures. Did you make good faces in any of them? Maybe you're photogenic, but I look retarded in basically every picture, and this was even more true when I was younger and a) made weird faces, and b) got more self-conscious of weird faces and tried to make good faces which ended up just looking weird. It's an odd phenomenon.

BUT. I always love the pictures of your kids. But the one in front of the quilt is kind of funny, and Gemma looks like a zombie. Which is appropriate, considering the theme of the quilt.