Monday, September 20, 2010

Gemma thinks so.

This little girl

has my heart.

While she can throw a tantrum (generally around wanting to watch her 19th episode of Dora), she is a sweet cuddlebug. If I'm ever sitting on the floor, she'll find a way to work herself onto my lap. This isn't always welcome, like when I was working on fixing our washer and juggling all sorts of tools. But she'll just stand there, holding out her hands, inching her body toward mine, saying, "Heew. A hug, mom. A hug." How can you say no to that?!

She almost never wakes up from a nap crying, unless it's to fall back asleep and reawaken an hour or two later. A few days ago she woke up crying so I went in to see what was going on. "I make a stinky," she moaned. Oh! Well let's go to the toilet! She was clutching her bottom (which is diapered only at sleeping time) and I, carrying her to the bathroom, asked, "Did you already do it? Is it in your diaper right now?"

"I fink so."

I don't know why those three words struck a chord with me, but they did. You think so? You think stuff? For the record, she had not yet made "a stinky" - something she coined herself. I tried to call it a poop, she always wrinkled her nose and said, "OHHHHHHHH! Iss STINKY!" I think I like her word better.

She has also taken to preferring sitting on a regular toilet over the potty chair. So there she'll perch, holding herself up, face going quietly rigid as her eyes take on a red-rimmed glassy look and her body shakes almost imperceptibly. And then, her body relaxes, her back straightens, and a grin spreads across her face for a second before her eyebrows drop, her nose wrinkles, and she giggles, "Iss stinky is heeew. SO STINKY!"

She'll pat my hair and say, "So pitty, mom." She'll run to greet the kids at the door when they walk in from school, throw her arms wide and crow, "Weh-come home A-say! Weh-come home Dono!" And the proceed to clap and hug them. I'll tell her I love her hair/cheeks/eyes/smile/teeth/buns/whatever and she'll automatically respond, "Fanksmom" as if it's one word. When I lay her down for her nap and whisper, "Love you. Have a good sleep," she'll give me another "Fanksmom" and turn up the volume to cheerfully call out, "Good night!" And when she samples the Izze (wonderful carbonated fruit drink!) at Costco and says, "Oooooh! Duh wed one! I wuv it!" I want to buy her all of them.

I better be careful. This girl is going to get away with all sorts of things. Like 18 episodes of Dora.

Gemma, watching her beloved show, with the omnipresent Ducky


laura said...

Seriously, she is so precious I would buy her an Izze soda FACTORY if she wanted it. That little voice combined with her doe eyes is just irresistible.

Alice said...

We used to call them stinky's when we were little also. And Hudson (Emma's son) used to say "I fink so" or the best "I don't fink so." When he didn't agree to do something you wanted him to do. HA HA! Cute kid that Gemma is:)

Allison said...

Awwwww, Gemma! Send her out here, I need a hug. And I'll let her watch all the Dora she wants--for that sweet girl, I'll tune out the "I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map I'M THE MAP!!!"

NancyO said...

And when she walks around in that little black and white print coat, she's completely irrestible. I also love it that she addressed your dad as "Mark."