Thursday, October 7, 2010


That picture works best when viewed at maximum size so you can see the tiny soft hairs around the curve of her lips. I'm currently doing some research to prove that it has magnetic properties. I made it my desktop image and I can't stop hugging my monitor.

I might not get anything done today. Between that and watching the live version.

Last night I asked her if she had a good day. "Yes, mom. I watch Cih-weh-wuh. It so good." And then she clasped her Cinderella and Belle dolls to her chest and closed her eyes dramatically while rocking them back and forth. I've got to say, she is a bit of a ham. And I love it. Her and ham, I mean.

This is a small percentage of the jalapeno goodness I've been going to town on. (making)(ok, and eating)(but making more than eating)(I suppose the reverse would be impossible)

The Ham and I are both enjoying the fruits of my labor (is that a pun? Is a pepper a fruit?! I'm calling it a pun). I love hearing her little shout, "Pay-No peez! PEEEEEZ mommy!" I've heard that in some places (the South, maybe? let's blame the South) a popular form of punishment is hot sauce. As in, your kid misbehaves and you put some hot sauce on their tongue. And I would think for the general populace, this would be a really really bad idea. Borderline cruel. I mean, we're not going to put their hands in nearly-burning water, are we? But I digress. I don't really want to get on that soapbox. *stepping down* My point is, this would be a reward in my house.

Also a reward? Seeing the following in the evening hours. Gemma's post-nap hairstyle is just kind of a mess of fuzz. But as the sun sets and lights up those multi-colored strands, I feel my breath catch and I know I've been given a real gift in this little girl.

Now I'm going close this window and hug my monitor some more.


laura said...

I opened this post and immediately went, "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!" I am seriously trying to restrain myself from stroking my monitor in an effort to touch those soft cheeks!

Anne said...

this little girl is so sweet. those freckles are killing me.