Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A dumb "conversation"

"Mommy, I have some bacon pees?"
"Oh, not yet, Gemma. It's cooking. Too hot."
"Sih hot, Mommy?"
"Yes, it's hot."
"Bacon sih hot?"
"Yes, the bacon is hot. It's still cooking, anyway."
"Sih hot?"
"Sih hot?"
"Yes, it's hot."
"Sih hot?"
"Yes, the bacon is still hot."
"Sih hot? ... Sih hot? ... Bacon sih hot? Sih hot? Sih hot? Sih hot?"
"Yes, Gemma, it's hot. The bacon is hot. It's hot, Gemma. It's hot. IT'S HOT. THE BACON IS HOT. ITSHOTITSHOTITSHOTTHEBACONISHOT!"

Wow. Ok, I'm really glad we've had this talk.

Now we can eat some bacon.


Tennille said...

Conversations with toddlers rarely go well. I have similar ones with my twins ALL day long.

Lisa said...

I love this :)

Anne said...

how about the bacon still hot now? how about now?