Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm still alive!

My liver isn't going to fail that quickly. I don't notice a change in skin pigment, though that is somewhat of a disappointment. And my energy levels seem to be relatively the same. Yesterday morning I went to my first pilates class and about halfway through I had two thoughts: "My heart rate isn't getting freakishly high like when I run" and "Wow, I'm really sweaty." That was also about the time that my body started shaking uncontrollable from being held in some reverse plank position and I began to coax myself, "Act cool, Sarah. ACT COOL." I think I did pretty well until I (literally) dropped the ball. We were using some kind of small exercise ball and supposed to be doing...I don't know what they're called. A side plank position extending the top arm up and then crossing over your body or something all while holding a ball and...I didn't. What a rookie.

And it might have been the 5 am start time, or it might have been working new muscles, or it might have been the medication, but whatever it was, I think I set a new record for "Greatest Nap Ever." And I know good naps. I'm kind of a professional.

So anyway, here I am. With surprisingly little to say. And I'm incredibly distracted by the greatest 2 year old ever: the way she tells me she needs to go stinkies and then pulls her pants down in the family room and shuffles off to the bathroom; the way she shouts for joy when I tell her its naptime; the way she says, "I wuv you, Mom" and "I dance wike Dah-vin" (I dance like Donovan) and "Oh! I peez have pay-no?" (Oh! I please have jalapeno?)

Did I mention that she loves jalapenos? I mean, I've scraped out the membranes and seeds. And stuffed them with a cheesy mixture. And wrapped them in bacon. But still! Some of them are hot! But that doesn't deter her. She just picks up her cup, swallows, and asks for "More peez!" And since our jalapeno plants are producing like rabbits, I've stuffed about 200 of those bad boys in the past couple weeks (they freeze beautifully, and thaw deliciously).

Wee as this child is, she seems to have a daredevil streak. Last week we went to the park and I watched as she scaled slides and climbed ladders. Trying to help her only earned me an indignant, "I do it mysehf! BY MYSEHF!" Fine. So I was sitting more than catching distance away as she was at about my (standing) eye level when gravity proved what a harsh mistress she can be. She only scraped her chin. Her determination and daring remain uninjured. But my heart...

Let's just say that I was a lot closer to heart, rather than liver, failure.


Lisa said...

I always hated when they used the exercise balls in my mom's Jazzercise classes, because I always spend the whole time chasing my ball.

Christina said...

Oh my. I am still dreaming about those yummy jalapeno goodness. Glad you are alive! :)