Thursday, October 21, 2010


Is there anything cuter than a tiny 2 year old perched on the edge of a toilet, hair fuzzed out from the previous night's sleep, whose eyes go glassy and body goes rigid from bearing down? Only if said 2 year old suddenly relaxes as you hear a splash, and then throws her hands up over her head and gleefully crows, "Kabooooom!"

At the very least, it makes dealing with the stink tolerable.

And the next time you find yourself in similar quiet moments, I wouldn't blame you in the least if you wanted to whisper a well-placed Kaboom. Not that I'm speaking from personal experience.


Lisa said...

lol great, now I'm going to think of you during my next kaboom. Haha!!

TheKunks said...

Hahaha! Love your blog and sense of humor.

Alice said...

Jared and I are dying!

GWACK said...