Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October 26

For the average person, today is just October 26. For a small handful of the world's population (let's call ourselves the elite), however, it's a day of thanksgiving. It's the day that ahem-mumble-cough-whatwasthat years ago the vivacious Wanda was born, serving as an example of what strong will, determination, good humor and fabulous hair should be. This woman has just spent the last 30 years of her life making bagged lunches, driving to piano lessons and soccer practice, and cleaning up barf and broken dishes. This woman just barely returned from her first girls' weekend away. This woman offers advice and challenges you to try new things and comforts you better than any blanket or hot shower or chicken soup book. This woman can cycle a bazillion miles a week and sew gorgeous quilts. And this woman is the epitome of womanhood: living and loving her family and her faith in amounts I aspire to. So yeah, if you know her, you're pretty dang fortunate. I am one of the elite who not only do, but also have her on speed dial.

Happy birthday, Mom.

(ps - Hey Mom, Ainsleigh just approached me with this gem, "So, I've been thinking about belly buttons and I think I've figured out that that's where, on women, the babies come out. Or...do they just magically appear?" Apparently those months leading up to Gemma's birth have been forgotten. Speed dial, engaged!)


Lisa said...

I say just let her think that. Then, once she's pregnant with her first, break the bad news.

(just joking, of course)

Happy Birthday, Wanda!!

Annie said...

Your mom DOES have fabulous hair.