Friday, October 22, 2010

taking a break

I think I've established my love of notes from my kids. So when I go into their rooms to do some cursory tidying before making them do the big stuff, it's like finding little treasures in the written word. Ainsleigh has a particular penchant for writing on small scraps of paper. On the one hand, it makes me sad to think of all the scraps that will never pass my eyes. On the other, finding these gems is like a little peek into what is going on in her mind. And I love her mind.

Behold, my latest discovery:

This is a note to our neighbor Avery, whom Ainsleigh is friends with. They play quite nicely together, most of the time. Much like Donovan's love of all things Indiana Jones, Avery has an obsession with Sonic the Hedgehog. From what I can gather, somehow they "play Sonic." My kids know Sonic only from Avery, so it's not too surprising that they are not as excited about it (him?).

The thing I like the most about this note is that she starts off with a "hey, you're a great guy and all," as if she has already cued into the art of letting someone down lightly. I think it also speaks to her personality - she likes people, and likes people to like her, but there are just certain things she does NOT want to do.

I must say that I have taken my kid's lead and started leaving notes in their room, which they absolutely love. But I think I'll use Ainsleigh's approach and maybe say something like, "You're a great kid, but can you please pick your underwear up off the floor?"