Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dear Universe,

I've got something to say, and you're going to listen to me. See, I have a couple family members (who shall remain nameless to protect privacy) who seem to be handed several lifetime's worth of trials. What is up with that? When doling out misery, could you spread some of that around? Please explain to me why one person should deal with a mother's death, a child's death, a brain tumor, the threat of another child dying, and then now the potential infection or disorder or whoknowswhat of another baby? I mean come on - couldn't one of those be traded for a broken arm or an abundance of weeds in her garden? Or what about multiple bouts with disease and infection and complications for another, any one of which would be monumental for the average person? How many monuments must mark these people's lives?

On a side note, I'm going to make it about me (but then, that's what this is about, right?) and say I am indescribably grateful to have these people in my life. They represent courage and faith and all things good. They are wonderful and intelligent and virtuous women who seek after the best things. They are quiet but have a delightful laugh. Their smiles are worth earning. They motivate me to be a better woman, wife and mother.

I do not tell them daily that I think of them, but I probably should. I do not email them hourly to say I am praying for them, but they are in my heart and never far from my mind as I go about my day. They are often the first ones I think of as I wake up and the last ones as I fall asleep. One is peppered through scenes of my childhood and as I see my kids doing things I used to do, I think of her and wonder how our mothers put up with us. The other comes to mind as I glance over my spices or sit at the piano with Ainsleigh or reflect on countless conversations.

So Universe, I thank you for allowing me to be related to such inspiring women. But seriously, they've had enough. Beyond enough. If you could just shift your target a little to the right or left or pretty much anywhere else, that would be super. We'd all appreciate it.



janine said...

Thanks for putting the broken arms into perspective for me! Healing thoughts and prayers to your family!

Sami and Ben Van Noy said...

I know exactly how you feel!!!! I feel for your family. PS I love reading your blog. :)
Sami "Riley" Van Noy

celeste said...

i know your heart is heavy. you're on my mind a lot.