Monday, November 22, 2010

dreeeeeeeeeam, dreamdreamdreamdream

What the heck - Thanksgiving is THIS WEEK?! What happened to September, I ask you? That's kind of where my head is right now. With regard to time management, I've learned something valuable: when you get a lot done every day and avoid napping, the days still whiz by. This stems from the fact I have made a valiant effort to NOT nap, something that really takes effort on my part. And, sadly, I've discovered that even when I clean and make phone calls and work on an article and volunteer in the classroom and organize my closet, that there is still a laundry list of things left for me to do. And it usually includes laundry. Speaking of...I've got sheets in the washer...

See, if I didn't stop what I was doing, chances are I would completely forget about it until I wanted to crawl into bed and then I'd be met with my naked mattress and realize my much-anticipated bedtime would now be postponed by another 36 minutes. Because yes, I only have 1 set of sheets for my bed (at least only 1 set that I *like*). The upside is that sheets fresh from the dryer are inviting, both texturally and temperaturely. Hmm, that's not a word.

The only problem with not napping, and perhaps getting less sleep than usual (besides the inevitable crankiness that will culminate in a 9:30 bedtime - it's been known to happen), is that I find myself actually DREAMING about sleeping. And this is where I lose the vast majority of parents. Why is it that when you're a kid, you absolutely MUST tell someone about your dreams, and when you're an adult it's the dumbest conversation imaginable? (which is odd, considering it's pretty much just imagination that goes into dreams? whoa - are we looking at ourselves in a mirror now, wondering who the real person is?)

But this morning I woke up at 3:45 having dreamed that I had woken up at 9:18am, horrified to discover Ainsleigh was late to school. Further absurdity ensued when I realized I was running to school to tell them Ainsleigh would be late (counter-productive doesn't begin to describe it), that I wasn't wearing a bra (well why WOULD I be?), and that I realized I was wearing an adult-sized version of Gemma's pajamas. Pastel blue with white snowmen are all well and good for a toddler, but on me? Running braless to school?

Clearly I am troubled by my insecurities that I am running behind. Always.

As I relayed this to Joel (who, to his credit, always feigns interest), he said, "You don't usually dream about oversleeping. Isn't it usually about missing a class? Or toilets?"

This is true. I have several reoccurring dreams. The naked one, obviously. Or, rather, partial nudity. That dream where I realize I'm walking around and forgot my pants. So then it's a toss-up over covering up, or just keep walking like nothing's amiss, since most people aren't looking at me strangely yet.

The end-of-semester-haven't-gone-to-class-and-a-big-project-is-due dream I blame solely on my dad. Usually it's a science class, but one that involves a project that required weekly observations and now I have to figure out a way to make it LOOK like I've been doing it the whole time.

The gross toilets. Do you get this one? Like I have to go to the bathroom and every toilet is disgusting and overflowing and there aren't doors on the stalls and it's kind of like a horror film. A horror film where fecal matter is the evildoer. Ick.

And finally, the giant contact. As in, I'm standing there, trying to put in my contact and it is now about three feet in diameter. Often I already have the other one in. Or I'll think, "But I wore these yesterday. How did I get them in." So I just stand there, balancing this giant translucent bowl on my finger and think, "Here goes nothing!" But it takes a while to get to that - like I'm just walking around with a giant contact on my finger thinking, "Can this really be a good idea?"

Maybe I do need to get more sleep.

But seriously, please tell me you have reoccurring dreams. Or some dream that haunts you. If you share what yours is, I'll probably even be interested in what it is. Just don't tell my kids. Because I've heard enough Indiana Jones dreams to last a lifetime.


Alice said...

Holy cow/....i've totally had both of those dreams many many times....mostly the toilets are in a locker room and every single one is disgusting....if not overflowing....

Lisa said...

I have most definitely had the toilet dream. Usually it's a debate as to whether to go in a disgusting one, or to go in one where everyone can see me (and I always seem to be wearing a one-piece something, so that would involve being bare naked).

And on that note, naked dreams. I think you're the only one other than me I've heard that thinks about just not covering up, because then people would notice I was naked in the first place, right??

My mom has the contact dream all the time. I never have.

My school dreams I have now are that I suddenly have to go back to school--either high school or BYU--because they just realized that I didn't finish everything for my degrees and I need to take one class, but I can't take JUST one class, so I take a bunch over again. And I have my kids, so I put them to sleep in some random room/building, and then I can't find them, but I have my monitor and they're crying, and why did I think this was a good idea in the first place? And WHY AM I BACK IN SCHOOL??

I have that one a lot.

laura said...

Ha, I had the contact one recently, I'm pretty sure for the first time. So weird.

The toilet one, though, I have ALL the time. Not so much gross toilets, but ones with no door, or where the stall walls only go halfway up so I'm exposed, or it's just in the middle of a room so there's no privacy. Horrifying.

wanda said...

I've had both the toilet and the contact dreams, but not the school one. My comparable one is that I'm supposed to be somewhere and I'm so late that it is ridiculous... like I'm supposed to be at Laura's senior recital at BYU in 15 minutes and I'm still in California.

Thanks to you, I had a variation on the naked/toilet dreams last night. I was trying to take a shower and couldn't find a shower with privacy but when I did start to shower it turned out to be in a large room and the UPS guy came in and then some kids came to get their scooters (by now it had turned into a garage or something.)

Annie said...
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