Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my secret joys

When I thought about having kids, there were a lot of things I looked forward to, but a few very specific things. One, and this is going to seem weird, is dirty hands. Not that I love dirt, but I have a vivid recollection of being outside and playing and getting dirty to the point where I'd rub my hands together and voila! these little dirt worms would form. (come to think of it, they were the same substance as toe-jam. how delightful) Then I'd brush them off on my pants and run off with clean hands! Or, rather, cleaner than before? Ok, not really clean at all, but it was a nice thought. To me, though, that memory is synonymous with being an active kid, and I wanted those weird little memories for my kids.

Another thing I looked forward to was bedhead. Crazy, unruly, you-can't-STYLE-hair-like-this hair. And right now Gemma's hair is in this phase where yes, she actually has hair, but no, it's not quite long enough to tuck behind her ears, and definitely no, don't go near her with a hairbrush. So when she wakes up from a nap looking like this, I feel like my dreams have come true:

And, ok, I'll admit it - I don't fix it. Occasionally I'll just gather it into a topknot, but for the most part I let it float free. And floating is what it really seems to do. Ainsleigh is kind of too old for (cute) bedhead. Donovan's consists of hair just sticking out at odd angles. But Gemma's puts out this soft and cuddly vibe that makes me want to crawl into her bed with her and bury my face in her locks. And since I know this time is only fleeting, I often do.

That was also something I dreamed about doing. Taking little moments and putting everything on hold while I did something out of the ordinary like cuddle in bed just a few more minutes. Like growing out of bedhead, soon I won't have these moments, and I'll probably wish I did. But I probably won't wish for dirty hand worms.


laura said...

Pretty sure that in the first picture, she's saying, "Just try not to come over here and squeeze me. I DARE you."

dawnanne said...
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dawnanne said...

wow! redhead bedhead! It's artistic! (bedhead has never looked so good) and sara, i also love that moment when they just wake up--so dreamy-eyed and sweet. you captured it at the perfect moment!