Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fuzz buddies

The great thing about a kid who is sick enough to be puking so hard he cries, is that he's extra grateful and affectionate. Also, my kids are Jedi Masters when it comes to stomach control, enabling them to get to the toilet before emptying their stomach. It's a gift, and one I am exceptionally grateful for.

Yesterday evening, as I was gone with Ainsleigh to her piano lessons (!), Gemma was sitting on Joel's lap while he worked and Donovan stood at Joel's side. "I wish I had someone to hug," Dono said longingly. How can you not melt?

I had promised him that we would play video games before he went to bed, and afterward he stood there with a sweet face and said, "I want to hug you." I can do one better, little buddy, why don't we cuddle after I tuck you in? As we snuggled he whispered, "I will play video games with you for ever." I told him that when he came to visit me with his kids, we'd put them to bed early and stay up late playing video games. He giggled and snuggled in closer. Then pulled back and said, "You have a lot of fuzz buddies on your sleeve."

"Fuzz buddies" is the term he coined for the linty things that have appeared on his new fleece sheets despite a couple washings. I'm not really sure where he got the name - is it a permutation of "dust bunnies"? I'm amused when Joel, in a fit of frustration, says, "Where's the lint roller? I've got all these fuzz buddies I need to get rid of before my meeting." And that is how new phrases are born.

Go ahead and use it - you'll be surprised how easily it rolls off the tongue.

And now a picture of my kids on the slopes:

They brought Donovan's "Bashful Bear" from his kindergarten class. Donovan went several times last year, and Ainsleigh once, and they seem to approach skiing the way they do life. Ainsleigh: cautious and thoughtful, with a preference to watch, rather than do, and constantly doubting herself. Donovan: fast and loud and never looking back (or very far forward, most of the time), living in the moment and could it please be bigger and faster? This was how he ended up going down a black diamond run. And why Ainsleigh ran into a tree. Neither has poles, but both have helmets, and Joel patiently rides with them and gives them a fabulous (long) day out with dad while Gemma and I stay home and play house.


Angie said...

We did not get sick BTW. I gave the kids pepto when we got home for good measure. I hope Dono gets feeling better soon and that nobody else gets it!

Lisa said...

Black Diamond WHAT? I was tricked into going on a blue once and I'm still mad about it. I basically rolled down the mountain.