Monday, January 3, 2011

2011's theme

So. Despite my frustration with how quickly this past year went, Christmas came and went. It had it all, my friends: good food, great friends, lots of laughter, some (happy) tears, the threat of a timeout, little sleep, barfing (Gemma), diarrhea (also Gemma - but thanks, baby, for rendering your father and myself now sterile from the fumes), cheers, squeals, an American Girl doll, a billion legos, a stuffed robot, and a flat-screen tv (this is where the tears happened).

The Hills are going HD, people.

Then we boarded a plane and flew to the homestead where we enjoyed lots more good food, a tutorial in Thai cooking, movies, games, the beach, seeing old best friends, Trader Joe's, walking the Golden Gate Bridge, the Exploratorium, more family, In-N-Out, puzzles, my brother and future sister-in-law's sweet apartment in the Marina district, head massages, some more diarrhea (Gemma: "I need to go stinkies. But don't say ugh-yuck dis time."), working out with my dad at his gym, and enough laughter to qualify as a legitimate ab workout.

I've got a lot more to say on all of these topics (you're really excited for the play-by-play on the intestinal issues), but not now. Now I'm going to introduce you to this year's theme. Previous themes have been, "More Fabulous in 2009," and, well actually last year I waffled between the previous year's theme and something along the lines of, "Things have to get better" and then I'd go eat waffles. But anyway, coming off a pretty good Q3 and a downright glorious Q4, I think 2011's theme will be:

Share joy.

That's it. Short and simple. The prerequisite in there, obviously, is that before you can share something, you have to have it. I'm dedicating this year to not only finding joy in all aspects of life, but sharing it. In all activities, I want to ask myself, "Who am I sharing this joy with?" and have a legitimate answer (not just, "Nobody" or "My bowl of popcorn" or "What joy?"). Because I think the sharing is what amplifies the joy.

To that end, I invite any and all to enjoy my new TV with me. The Hills are going HD, after all. I'm already feeling the joy.


Lisa said...

I like that theme! Although it is kind of hard to beat "More Fabulous in 2009."

Anonymous said...

May I point out that our apartment is in Russian Hill, not the Marina. Wouldn't want to be mistaken for one of those people.


Sarah said...

Bwah ha ha! Well, you can SEE the marina and the GG Bridge, so you can understand my mistake.

TheKunks said...

We just went HD too. Super great way to enjoy sports in lieu of actually being at the game.

Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life said...

I think that's a great theme for the year. I might even consider adopting it for myself (if you don't mind).

Your trip description made me nostalgic. We used to live in San Francisco. Three years ago we relocated to NJ. At least a Trader Joes finally opened near us last year. Hallelujah! The 1 hour pilgrimage to the next closest store was getting to be a bit much.

And you should count yourself lucky that the vomiting/diarrhea bug was confined to only Gemma. It made the rounds in our family a few weeks ago. It was NOT pretty.