Monday, January 17, 2011

Beach Day 2010

One of the first things Joel always wants to do while in California is go to the beach. He loves it there. I think his blood has a higher salt content or something. Even when living there, sure I liked going to to the beach. But Joel...Joel NEEDED to go. As we had kids, he still wanted to go and I discovered that the only thing more annoying than cleaning sticky sand off yourself is cleaning sticky sand off a tiny child. It gets EVERYWHERE. And that's how a tradition was born: Joel takes the kids, and I sleep in. This originated while I was pregnant with Donovan and wanted one restful morning a week. He would wake up right when Ainsleigh did (pre-7am), whisk her away after giving her a banana and taking along a bag of snacks, and be gone until lunch time.

From days of yore...

Turns out, having Dad time, where the standards might not be equal to their militant mother, is really good. And, as it also turns out, Joel is really good at dad time.

As we have returned each year to visit, the tradition continues. This year I actually thought I'd go with them, but backed out at the last minute with Gemma and her foul, unpredictable intestinal issues. Sticky sand, I could deal with. Other stuff in sticky sand...kill me now.


One day we'll have a photo album of just beach photos through the year.

Those days of driving away in the pre-dawn light to head to sea level are an annual event, now replaced by Saturdays of driving away with a car full of ski gear and heading to very thin, very dry, very cold air. I think it's a mourning process each week for Joel, tempered by his love of outdoors and snowboarding.


laura said...

Ahhhh those pictures of Ainsleigh and Dono when they were so little kind of make my heart hurt. They're getting so big! But I'm glad they have such a fun tradition with Joel. Great memories for when they are even older (sniff).