Thursday, January 27, 2011


This girl is learning the fine art of manipulation. For instance, she knows that the second I'm on the phone she can run over and ask me for just about anything and I'll give in so I can continue to converse. An episode of Dora? Sure. Crackers? Ok. Milk? Yes. CHAH-CHIT? Ok yes chocolate milk. Candy? Wait a second...

I discovered that she has learned the pattern for getting her way. Recently, I was not on the phone and she asked for something in different voices with different inflections. As I began to say, "Gemma," in an exasperated voice (a stalling tactic, as I debated whether or not to give in) that she threw her head back and groaned, "UHHHHHH. Fiiiiiine. I can have it. Ok, Dora!"

I blinked my now-huge eyes as I heard my own voice in hers. Have I become so predictable? That my 2 year old knows how to get her own way? What are we creating?

She is kind of irresistible. Even when she does ask me to do something for the billionth time and I say no I have to make Ainsleigh's lunch and she says, "Use one hand. Hold me now." or, "Just come with me mom. FINE."

Before you think she's a perfect angel, she has a horrific scream. One that only comes out on rare occasions, but is still there nevertheless. The upside is that she understands when she has crossed the line, and after having her sitdown or talk-to, she'll very mournfully say, "I sorry Mommy. I so sorry."

And then I give her Dora and chocolate milk and a thousand dollars.


wanda said...

Gotta have a copy of that first photo!

laura said...

Seriously, she looks so cute and mischievous!