Tuesday, January 25, 2011

playing pretend: Star Wars and Hogwarts

This little girl

is a good reason to get out the camera.
"I want to see my Gemma," she'll say. And I oblige. She is absolutely game to try anything Donovan decides they should play. This includes some bizarre mix of exploring with Star Wars weapons while maintaining her exquisite fashion sense. The picture is blurry, but I'm posting it anyway. She wouldn't hold still because there was a monster in the living room that had her attention. Monsters obviously take precedence.

Other recent activities include playing Harry Potter. Right before Christmas, I took the milestone step of getting the first HP book from the library. Ainsleigh was hooked from the opening line. Donovan...well I suppose he was hooked if that definition includes wandering in and out of the room, playing legos in the next room while periodically shouting out theories, rolling around on the floor and refusing to sit still. He was as hooked as he was going to be. By the end, though, he was the one asking if I could read it while he ate lunch ("Ainsleigh is at school." "I'll tell her what happened." "I don't think so.") and sitting pretty still.

One morning he practically moaned, "I wish Hogwarts was real. Is it, mom?" Oh dude, you and about a billion other people. Ainsleigh declared she would be Hermione for Halloween. Gemma just walked around saying, "Hagrid. HA-gRid. HAGRID!"

And then the blessed, most anticipated day arrived: MOVIETIME. We had completed the book and were ready to watch. I was a little nervous, what with the whole Voldemort/death stuff. But they were giddy. Oh they thought Dudley was so hilariously fat and dumb. Harry's cupboard below the stairs was exactly what they thought! And Hagrid. "Das HAGRID!" Gemma squealed, tiny fist next to her cheek with pointer finger extended, overly pronouncing the R in his name.

By the time the movie ended (even with the spooky stuff), Ainsleigh and Donovan dubbed it the best movie in the whole world. Their multiple viewings since seem to support their opinion. And it is with eagerness they get ready for bedtime so they can listen to the next book, always begging, "Just a few more pages?!"

The kids have been running around the house casting spells on each other using old glow sticks, the spell of choice being "Wingardium Leviosa!" They each instruct the other on proper pronunciation (per the book/movie). Even Gemma runs around yelling, "Win-ah-ah-ah Ee-OHHHH-suh!"

A couple days ago, I looked up from washing dishes as Donovan sprinted through the kitchen. "Uh...what are you WEARING?" I asked him.

He skidded to a halt and whirled around. That's when I fully took in the expired glowstick in his hand, his fireman boots, a yellow cape, a red scarf and what was that - a blue necktie?

"Mom," he replied, a bit exasperated, as he gestured down his body. "I'm wearing Hogwarts stuff." He caught himself as he saw what I saw and amended his answer, "Well, stuff that I have that is like Hogwarts stuff."

"A tie, though? You need a tie?"

"Yeah, Mom. That's what they wear. Weren't you paying attention?" Touche.

And off he went. I looked out our front window and watched him and a neighbor boy work to break up the leftover ice in our gutter. As his cape and tie flapped in the breeze, I don't think I've ever loved him more.


laura said...

Heeee. Blurry or not, that picture of her shooting the gun in a fluffy skirt and bow is perfect. And I think I know what I'm getting Dono for his birthday...

Also, nice new layout!

Becca said...

Pretty soon they'll be texted Laura at 11:30 at night requesting an emergency answer about what the third unforgivable curse is, like me.
I love this post. I should teach them Petrificus Totalus! That's a tongue twister and much more efficient than WL against enemies.

Alice said...

I really wish you could have seen my brother sam at that age...and the getups he had on.

loewymartin said...

Too adorable! I'm very glad you caught these pictures and that you shared them :)

I'm busy knitting The Scarf. Alia wants to be Hermione and Kira wants to be Ginny...she wishes she had the hair for it :)

TheKunks said...

Too cute! Kids are so smart.