Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Enchiladas, Harry Potter, and that giggly feeling

Last weekend Joel went to visit his sister so I decided I wouldn't make dinners. Obviously. The first night we trekked over to Costa Vida, thanks to an awesome Groupon deal. Ainsleigh had walked into the house from school and promptly changed into pajamas ("Because I was cold.") and Donovan, hearing me tell her she could wear them to dinner, followed suit. It was only natural that I changed Gemma, as well. Conversely, I changed OUT of my yoga pants and into jeans. It's what I do. But now I had three kids in pajamas in robes heading to dinner. Cute, you say? Maybe. If it were late like 7 or 8. But no, it was 5:30 pm. That makes it just weird.

In a brief moment of inspiration, I stuck the book we're reading (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets) into my purse. I figured it would be quiet there on a Friday night at 5:30 since it's more of a lunchy spot. Newsflash: Even if it doesn't expire for six months, Groupons bring in the people.

Yowzah, it was crowded. But tucked out of the way was a table for four where we sat. Donovan and Gemma had quesadillas and Ainsleigh asked for a sweet pork enchilada. I had forgotten that she claims enchiladas as a favorite food. The sweet pork was new to her and she immediately pronounced it the best enchilada ever.

So there we sat, eating dinner, sipping sodas, and munching chips while I read the latest happenings to our favorite boy wizard. Even in our tucked-away corner, it was pretty loud. I think the teenagers at the closest table were enjoying the story (I do really good voices, if I do say so myself).

As I was reading, Ainsleigh suddenly started giggling, "Oh dear. I'm getting that laughing-crying feeling."

"The what?" I asked, vaguely remembering a similar exchange.

"The feeling of being so happy that I might cry," she said.

I looked from the book, to her grinning face, to Donovan's nodding head, to Gemma with one chip sticking out of her mouth and one in each hand, taking in their fleece-robed bodies, and thinking of how I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world, and I smiled back at her.

"I know exactly what you mean."


Sarah Burgoyne said...

That explains why you were at Costa Vida when we arrived and still there when we left :)

laura said...

Aw man! That sounds so fun. If I'd been a stranger sitting near you guys I would've totally pulled up a chair.

Lisa said...

Love this. So awesome.