Monday, February 14, 2011

a few thoughts on the day

Love is...

...a brother and sister, running toward each other waving the candy they've just been given by their Sunday school teachers, each yelling, "I have candy to share with you!"

...a husband who cooks for his wife every year, even if it means hours of prep and clean-up.

...your children snuggling into all sides of you and shaking your body with their giggles as you read to them.

...the joy you feel when your oldest daughter, for whom focus has been such a trial, brings home nearly-flawless work. And has a nearly-tidy room.

...a whisper from your son's lips to your ear pronouncing you the best mom in the whole world.

...fluffy red hair bouncing in back of the tiny body who runs to greet you as you return home.

...watching your three children laugh and play at the pool and hearing someone say (not very quietly), "What cute kids. That must be the mom!" and knowing they're talking about you.

...sending your husband to sit at his sister's bedside for a weekend because one of the reasons you love him so much is how much he loves his family.

Honestly, I think Valentine's Day is dumb. I think the whole premise is redundant at best, and painful at worst. I don't need roses or chocolates or doily hearts. I'm more demanding than that. I need daily reassurance that I am loved and that I love. Gratefully, my family is happy to oblige. So if you'll excuse me, I've got some tiny buns to pinch.


Alice said...

Well said

Lisa said...

Haha, I just read an opposite post from your sister :) I've actually never been a Valentine's Day fan--not that I hate it, I'm just "meh" about it. I mean, for heaven's sake, I just had Thanksgiving, my anniversary, Christmas, and my birthday. Valentine's Day being at the end is a little anti-climactic.