Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Husband,

I feel totally uninspired to document anything when I do not have pictures. And I do not have pictures when you take the camera everywhere. And yes, I have my phone but that's like me asking you to make a delicious dinner with a giant roasting pan, a wooden fork, and a box of Pasta-roni.

For instance, how can I document the intricate marble run Donovan constructed while I laid on the floor giving him precise directions? Or how we sat on opposite sides of the project and, upon completion, he sat back on his heels to watch the marbles fly. As they settled into the finish cup, he looked up at me, a grin spreading across his face. A second before he began to stand up, I knew a classic Dono-move was forming in his brain. He stood up, took the few steps to me, and threw himself into my arms, wrapping me in a hug of gratitude. "Do you know why I'm hugging you? It's because I just love when we build stuff together."

See, I need to take pictures because someday we won't spend our mornings making stuff. He won't fold giant piece of paper into phones ("See how it unfolds and changes from a phone to a treasure map?!") or dance with Gemma in a ballroom-esque fashion or ask if there's anything he can do to help me. Someday he'll want to leave me for good and on a day like today I can't bear the thought. So on that day, I want to remember what a great time we had.

But I have no pictures, so I'll never remember this.



Anonymous said...

I love Dono. Middle kids rock!

Joel said...

The camera is in my office...on my desk...I even charged the batteries...and cleaned the lens. That said, Dono is the best and should be well documented.

laura said...

Hahaha! Point - Joel. Or maybe he can share the point with Dono.

wanda said...

I can't believe you don't have a small point and shoot for when you are out and about with the kids. Costco has a very good Panasonic that I like.

Joel said...

Wanda, it wouldn't be good enough for her. She has a great camera on her iPhone.