Friday, March 11, 2011

It's official.

This kid, on June 22, will embark on a 2-year volunteer opportunity to perform service, teach about our church, and prove to the rest of us that he is no longer the little dude running around in "Mickey Mouse pants" (black tights). Yesterday, with all of my siblings and parents on a conference call (now THAT can be confusing with 8 phones involved), he tore into his letter and excitedly revealed he will be serving in the New York, New York South Mission (so - Long Island, Staten Island, a little bit more, and...Bermuda? Ok...) speaking the Chinese Mandarin language.

Ainsleigh promptly guffawed. She thought he was kidding. "Are there even Chinese people IN New York?" she asked. I guess he will find out.

David has been taking some Mandarin classes, and was really really hoping that's what he'd end up speaking. I just don't think we actually considered he would be stateside, speaking Chinese. After an intense language course for 12 weeks (it's so intense and effective that the CIA and FBI have come to learn their techniques), he'll be unleashed.

I am incredibly proud of this brother of mine. He is such a good kid. A good, thoughtful, loving kid. For Christmases he maintains that he "doesn't need anything" but just wants everyone to come home. So I get my big sister act going and grill him about ladies and life and secretly love it when he calls me "second mom."

You're going to be great, Doov. I guess I'll start watching "Ni Hao Kai-Lan" with Gemma to brush up on some Chinese. Pack for all weather - it's going to fluctuate. But leave the Mickey Mouse pants at home.


loewymartin said...

I'm a quick train ride from NY - tell him he can come up here for some trees and fun (and maybe some home cooking, although it is not anywhere as good as yours, I will try my best).

celeste said...

wow! new york! chinese! mickey mouse!


Anne said...

that is awesome...he won't be in my area i don't think but i am excited for him!

Dawnette and Mark Coltrin said...

Wow! That is awesome!!! My friend (from KY) was sent to SF mission to speak Mandarin… I am sure they will be able to find some for him in NY! :)

khriz said...

wait a minute....i thought all the Osler's (i'm 99.5% sure that i spelled that wrong...sorry) were redheads?