Thursday, April 21, 2011

a harrowing night

It was one of those nights where you're awake more than you're asleep. Such is the lot of parenting.

I would say that Joel got the better end of the deal since he was up just twice with Donovan Sunday night, whereas I spent the better part of last night up with Gemma, but he was actually incredibly sick himself, so I don't know who is better off. I'd say me, but I might be a couple years closer to a heart attack or stroke after what happened.

The second time Gemma cried out and I ran into her room, it was to discover she had barfed all over her bed. Hopping from foot to foot (as I do) and trying to determine how best to extricate her from it while not creating more of a mess through drippage, I heard Joel go downstairs to get a bowl to catch more barf. Now, it needs to be said that yesterday was not a good day for Joel. We weren't sure if it was something he ate or a bug or what, but he was having major intestinal issues, and he ate hardly anything. So I was appreciative that despite not feeling well he was helping. Appreciative until he brought in the bowl and stood by the side of the crib, only to suddenly slump over it, unconscious.

I caught him and lowered him to the ground, saying more loudly, "Joel! Joel! Joel!" and wondering what I was supposed to be doing. Gemma had gone silent, except for the occasional, "No Daddy! Stop it! Get up!" and I began to consider my options at that point. Right as I was ready to walk out and call someone, he said, "What? Why am I down here?" We later determined the sudden movement out of bed and locking his knees were contributing factors.

That was when I think my body registered the outrageous amounts of adrenaline coursing through my system and I suddenly had to lay down. Panic attack? Um, yes. Meanwhile, Gemma was bringing Joel up to speed, "Mommy was saying JOEL!JOEL!JOEL! and you were not talking."

I recovered after a couple minutes and while Joel continued to lay there remaining conscious, I proceeded to strip Gemma's bed. This is where the full scope of disaster registers as she sees me scoop up Ducky for the washer. "No! I barfed on Ducky?! Oh no!"

I could hardly be expected to fall asleep after that. Here I was, considering the weekend we just returned from, in panic mode as far as what I would do if something happened to Joel. I mean, I didn't even know what I would do if he didn't regain consciousness. Or had a seizure. I'd probably call my cousin who has extensive experience with this, and she'd probably be up with one of her kids at 3 am, right?

And then Gemma continued to barf and barf until her poor body was just dry heaving. Around 4:30 I took her to the bathroom to see if that would help. There I sat on the edge of the bathtub, elbows on my knees, hands cupping my chin, eyes closed, while she perched on the toilet, waiting to see if something would happen. Gemma leaned forward so her forehead rested against my arm. Nuzzling it, she croaked, "You're veh-wee veh-wee nice, Mommy."

I giggled.

I wish I was exaggerating to say she was up 9 times. This morning Joel apologized for his "contribution." I told him the best way to show he was sorry was by NEVER DOING IT AGAIN. Both Joel and Gemma seem to be doing a little better. I think I'm still running on adrenaline. That, and the little voice in the back of my head that tells me I'm very very nice.


laura said...

Holy crap, that is really scary! I would have freaked out. I'm glad everyone seems to be doing better, and I'm preeeetty sure you've earned yourself a "Gotta Have It" size treat from Cold Stone.

janine said...

and you still made it to piano at 7:30? you're a maniac!!! hope you all get better...and p.s. if you ever have one of these nights again, (and i hope that you don't) I won't mind if you don't show up and we could reschedule:)

wanda said...

Oh, man,that reminds me of the time your dad did that on a plane trip to Utah. I was ready to stand up and shout for some medical help. I thought he was dying. He came around and "claimed" he had just fallen asleep, but his eyes were open and afterwards he broke out in a cold sweat and was nauseous.

Sorry to hear you had a bad night, but you ARE nice!

Becca said...

Read about "vasovagal response". People drop like flies at my work because of a vasovagal and you did great. But you did great! The only other thing you can really do is lift their legs up to increase blood to the heart and head and lift their chin up to make sure enough oxygen is getting in. :) You know I had to comment on this.

I'm sorry you had one of those nights. That is really freaky!!

PaloAltoCougar said...

Mom's right about me on the plane, but I think I broke out into a sweat and was nauseous because she was freaking me out with her "Mark, MARK, HONEY!!!" exclamations and her very worried look. But I got better fast and played golf when we landed. I shot an 81. Oh wait, back to you Sarah...glad everyone's okay.

Katie Ross said...

Lately I'm too tired to even look on the computer let along read any blogs. Thank goodness I wasn't up at that time in the night- Tyler's been sleeping through the night for about 3 weeks!! Yeah! But we've had kids in the middle of the night before barfing and barfing until nothing more comes out. Not fun. Thank goodness I haven't had a husband pass out in the middle of the night but I had grand mals in early a.m. hours while Steve was feeding a newborn. He ended up calling an ambulance and I got to go for a little ride to the hospital. I don't remember any of it though.

Alice said...

it's comforting to know that we're not the only ones up with our kids all night

Joel said...

Just a minor clarification for historical accuracy:

I woke up and immediately felt woozy. I heard the sound of Gemma wretching and knew Sarah didn't have a bowl with her, so I sprinted down the hall, down the stairs and back with the bowl. Once I was there holding the bowl in front of Gemma, that wooziness hit me even harder and the rest is about right. I'm not sure if the locked legs contributed to the white out or if it was just my body's natural reaction knowing I was about to hit the deck.

For some reason Sarah's voice shouting my name repeatedly did very little to rouse me, but Gemma's voice caused an instant reaction.

I am grateful that Sarah didn't let me crash land. Aside from taking care of Gemma all night, that's one more reason that she is the best.

Lisa said...

Man, that would have royally freaked me out. What a night.