Monday, May 16, 2011

"I'm FREE!"

That's what Gemma squealed as she popped up in her crib after we had all walked into her bedroom yesterday morning, singing "Happy Birthday."

My baby - the babiest of my babies - turned three. She was delighted each time someone wished her a happy birthday and crowed right back at them, "Happy birthday!" much in the same way we exchange "Merry Christmas"es.

She celebrated with a new fancy skirt that she wore to church (thank you Aunt Laura!) and is wearing again today. I scored a major find at the local Bed Bath and Beyond and instead of a new duvet cover on clearance for $60, came home with a comforter (in the same print) and two shams for $15. We've been talking about moving her to a big girl bed on her birthday and she has been counting down the days.

We had cousins over for dinner and Gemma, who has a special love for my cousin Mark, spent a good part of the time with her head resting against his leg. She's a lover. And then we had a few families over for cupcakes, cookies and ice cream. And as 26 of us sang to Gemma, she awaited her turn to blow out the candles on the strawberry cupcakes she had so specifically requested. I have to say, they were pretty dang delicious. And very pink.

That night, in a break from the tradition of Gemma singing to the older kids and then closing their doors, we gathered around her bed to sing the nightly "You are my Sunshine." She sunk down into the covers and closed her eyes. When we finished, her eyes flew up and she whispered, "Now can you sing Happy Birthday to me?" And as we did, she grinned with eyes closed and silently giggled.

Her labor was long and hard and as the years go on, I realize that every second of that 34 hours of hard back natural labor was totally, completely, wholly worth it. I love each of my children, but she is the child of my heart. My heart that wants to just cuddle tiny children on a comfy bed. And a comfy bed of bedding on clearance - is there anything better?

It's good to be three.


Allison said...

Happy birthday, Gemma! We'll be calling to sing to her soon. She's probably napping now, and I wouldn't want to interrupt a birthday nap. Maybe *I* should take a nap in honor of her.

laura said...

Glad she had such a good day! Those cupcakes do look delish. Also, I require a minimum of 3 pics of G in the skirt.

Lisa said...

I 2nd Laura's comment--I need pictures of the skirt! She is so sweet, and I love the story of her birthday. Sounds like a pretty awesome one to me :)