Monday, May 9, 2011

a real mother's day

Mother's day. Is there a more obvious way to spend it than running a fever and feeling lousy, and not wanting to eat anything, while taking care of sick fevered children and trying to keep everyone from losing their minds?

I submit to you that Mother's Day is for when your kids are older and have the capability to take care of themselves so you can lay around reading a book and playing sudoku and eating steak.

In the meantime, as un-celebratory as it was, hearing Gemma croak, "My eyes are so watery I cannot seeeeeeeeee!" is both pathetic and adorable all at once.

I have little room to complain, however, after a glorious birthday week. It's just a little anticlimactic when you are standing there with a pounding head, looking at your kids rolling around all whiny and crying, and you declare loudly, "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ME!"

Good news: one cara cara orange (our mvp orange for the past few months) + 1 T sugar + 1.5 cups ice on ice cream cycle in blender = a most delicious orange sorbet that heals my soul if not my throat


Sarah Burgoyne said...

ice cream setting?! I need your blender. I hope your feeling better :)

Lisa said...

Awww man, that sounds awful :/ I was lucky enough to have a fairly relaxing Mother's Day, but Aaron did get up a ton the night before, so when I looked at the clock at 3:45am and 4:15 and 5 and 5:45, I definitely had a sarcastic "Happy Mother's day to ME" in my head :)

Alice said...

I'm learning that the 2nd paragraph is true. No one was sick here and my Mother's Day was yet again...lousy.