Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The year I got a toilet for my birthday

Yesterday was quite possibly my best birthday ever. First, I'm a big believer in birthdays. I am not one of those people who will let the day go by and then casually mention to people a week later, "Oh yeah, it as last week." Oh no. I believe your birthday is going to be as good as you are prepared to make it. And these days, my motto is "Prepare for Success" (inspired by my super wise friend Heidi).

From the minute I woke up, I was prepared to have a great birthday. I handed the old man at the desk my gym card at 5:48 am and when he said, "How are we doing today, ladies?" I squealed, "GREAT! It's my BIRTHDAY!" People love to say happy birthday and I love to hear it. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY - EVERYONE EAT BACON, I told Facebook.

I returned home to find a giant box on the kitchen table along with a suitcase, which I could only imagine was Joel's creative attempt at wrapping something? After showering and coming back downstairs, I got to read the cards my kids made me. I love that Donovan writes, "Dear Mom, I can not bleve that you are 35. My crd is a game. I love you. From, Donovan." What does he hear every birthday? I can't believe you're (age)! So I guess that's what he figures you're supposed to put in a card. Also, the game is in reference to a rather detailed maze he drew. And finally, he enclosed a beloved $1 bill for me to spend. NICE!

I opened the suitcase and inside was...a paper! A paper that told me I got to spend the night at the Broadmoor Hotel. "Oooooh! I'm so excited! I wonder when we'll get to go," I said. "Friday," Joel replied. What? THIS Friday? Uhm... But what about (event)? or (other event?) or... Each question was answered with, "I took care of it."

Joel and two of my friends have orchestrated this most fabulous gift - one will be shuttling kids from school and to soccer practice/game and the other is having them overnight. The kids are ecstatic because this is the loophole in our family "no slumber parties" rule. And me, well, I get to just pack a few things and feel fancy for a couple days.

And then the big box. I should back up - for Joel's birthday I got him a super powerful blender to make his post-workout smoothies (more about this later) and then I went ahead and got him a panini press because when we were at my brother's apartment over Christmas, he and my (3 weeks away so I'll just say she IS my) sister-in-law made these Reuben sandwiches that I have been dreaming about ever since. And dreaming and drooling is gross. So we had a good laugh about how I gave my husband kitchen appliances for his birthday and how un-romantic was that.

A few weeks later I was at Costco and saw they had toilets. We've talked about getting new ones, but haven't. Yet. Costco has $80 toilets! So I mentioned that to Joel and he said, wryly, "Maybe I'll get you a toilet for your birthday." I clapped and said, "I would LOVE that!" The kids thought that was hilarious - on par with wanting underwear for your birthday.

So there was the big box. A big box for a toilet. And I'm thrilled. Yay!

Then I was off for a morning of delicious food (Snooze) and shopping (trying on jeans that fit is a joy - can I get an amen?). I have some very generous friends who gifted me tickets to see the musical "9 to 5" and it's for Thursday night, so this is quickly shaping up to be a birthday week (which, let's face it, it SHOULD be). I returned home for a nap and some reading before heading out with the family to see Rio. On the way home we picked up fish tacos (divine!) and then I blew out a candle on the tuxedo cake Joel "made at Costco."

On top of that I had several generous friends drop off cards/treats that will tide me over for the next few days, in the event my sugar high begins to fall.

Birthdays are TERRIFIC! I am looking forward to totally surrendering my schedule to a night away (and anyone who knows me knows how my fingers itch to check my calendar every hour or so). I'm going to go think about it. Maybe on my new "chair."


Kellie Knapp said...

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy your toilet!!! I read your FB status yesterday, and decided immediately that we should have BLTs in honor of you but alas... THERE WAS NO BACON TO BE FOUND IN MY HOME. SO we had air popped popcorn instead :) I still need a step by step butter distribution tutorial!

Happy Birthday Week! I can not bleve that you are 35!!!

celeste said...

it's a little-known fact that *for men* the most romantic gestures involve the promise of food + a new gadget. i once gave k a kitchenaid for his birthday (or maybe father's day?). he thought it was hawt.

i can't explain the toilet though.


Sarah Burgoyne said...

Happy Happy Birthday Sarah Dear!! You deserve a birthday week :)

Lisa said...

Yay, Happy Birthday! I agree, live it up on your birthday. And spending the night at the Broadmoor and having your kids all taken care of? HECK YEAH! That sounds like the best birthday ever!!

...but I'm excited about the toilet?

Anonymous said...

Don't let Dono near the toilet seat!

Kirsten said...

Happy Birthday!

Christina said...

That sounds like a perfect birthday! I love birthdays!!! Enjoy the rest of the celebrations--sounds like it will be amazing.

janine said...

this is hilarious because eric's birthday is next week and guess what i got him? a toilet. this may be declared the year au toillette....which would be fitting given my current situation.

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Becca said...

Joel DID do good!! I love Dono's card...and giving you a dollar! That's quite a portion of his net worth!

I got Austin a salad spinner and a toaster for Christmas. Haha. We are women, we're practical.