Monday, June 13, 2011

A nerd like me.

Reading Harry Potter to Ainsleigh is one of the best things about being a mom. First of all, I get to re-read some good books, so I'm already winning. Second, she is so completely INTO it. Even if I've been reading for 45 minutes and I go to close the book, she'll beg, "Just a little more?!"

I've noticed, out of the corner of my eye, that she will mimic some of the characters' actions. If someone nods slowly, up and down goes her head. If someone punches the air in excitement, her fist is up there. If someone covers their face, her hands hold her own. It's really quite endearing. And, ok, I think I'm a pretty good reader. It's all about accents and FEELING.

A couple nights ago we were reading about how Harry's team was trying to win the Quidditch Cup (and if you don't know what that is, then you are a sad person. Rectify the situation and get thee to the library) against his nemesis. Oh it is an exciting match, and it was a chapter Ainsleigh had been eagerly anticipating. When we reached the part where Harry's team was pronounced the winner, Ainsleigh heaved a sigh of relief before clapping and rocking back and forth, a huge grin on her face. Moments later, as I went to tuck her in bed, she was kicking her legs and giggling uncontrollably. I kissed her goodnight and as I walked out, happened to glance over my shoulder. There she was, rolling to her side and quietly giggling to herself, "Gryffindor WON! They really WON!"

Then last night, as I read a rather crucial scene, I got to the part where our heroes are in perceived danger and Hermione reveals a rather shocking discovery she has made about an important character, "He's a werewolf." At this, I glanced up to see Ainsleigh's face.

"WHAAAAAAT?!" She squealed. I could see her eyes slowly circling and as it sunk in, her mouth still hanging open. "But he...but Harry...but Sirius..." she shook her head and blinked slowly. "WHAAAAAT?!" came another squeal.

Donovan, in the meantime, was just totally blown away. "A WEREWOLF? How is that even POSSIBLE?!"

Kind of like when we took the kids to see Kung Fu Panda 2 (highly recommend it, by the way) and at a certain part, Gemma yelled, "WHOA! Did you SEE that?!" While Donovan, in wonder and awe, said, "How did he DOOOO that?"

They're still at the age where animation and fantasy are still options, and I love it. (though I know there are a lot of adults that still hold onto this, too, like those people who were all depressed when they realized 'Avatar' wasn't reality? yowzah.) Last night, as I talked about this with Joel and how much I love reading to Ainsleigh, he nodded and said, "Yeah. She's kind of a nerd," and then patted my shoulder and added, kindly, "Just like you."

It's one of the traits I'm proudest of passing on.


laura said...

LOVE HER. Being a nerd (especially a HP nerd) is awesome.

Annie said...

Ha!! Joel's funny.
I bet you are a great reader! Sometimes I think I should volunteer at children's story times - not that I think I'd be super great at it but because some of the readers I have encountered are LAME! Speaking of good readers . . . have you ever listened to the HP series on cd? That reader is SO talented. It is a joy to hear his rendition.
One more thought . . . when I first started reading the Harry Potter series, I was a teacher at a K-8 Catholic school. I remember taking my turn in the mornings to be with the kids outside before school started and remember saying, "I wish I could go to Hogwarts!". They all agreed of course.