Sunday, June 12, 2011

So much.

Who knew that a Saturday full of hard work and house cleaning and home maintenance and an evening walk to dinner could be so joyful? I watched as Joel handled (man-handled?) a stump grinder to eat away the remains of a cottonwood the previous owners ignorantly planted too close to the house. As he spent the hours out there at work, I helped the kids with their chore charts and instructed them on the finer points of organization. After lunch, Joel and I installed my birthday toilet. And then he patiently obliged as I wanted to rearrange Gemma's room, requiring him to run to the hardware store. As dinner approached, I was feeling unmotivated and so we opted to walk the mile or so to Rubio's for fish tacos. As we returned home, with Ainsleigh and Donovan pushing along on their scooters, and Gemma galloping ahead of us as the clouds lightly sprinkled down on us, I thought about how twelve years ago I was getting ready to marry this man walking next to me.

Sure, as you're planning a wedding, you're thinking about all the exciting and fun things you're going to do. You have an ideal. The ultimate. My ideal? My ideal was exactly this: Doing the everyday, the basics, and being able to accomplish those with teamwork and jokes. And then walking to fish tacos and coming home and taking showers and reading Harry Potter.

Ok, so that last part wasn't in my original ultimate, but that's only because I didn't know they COULD be. What I'm saying is this:



Alice said...

I'm enjoying my babies, but I do look forward to those days when we can actually be productive....and then walk somewhere for dinner...without carrying, getting spit up on or pooped on, or having to deal with screaming fits. I can't wait to actually enjoy the later summer nights...