Friday, June 24, 2011

Waiting for the Wedding

For some reason I have zero pictures from the wedding rehearsal, but I guess that's better than having zero pictures of the actual wedding? Anyway, we had the rehearsal and it was fine, though I did worry a little about Gemma pausing occasionally to pick up an ant on her way down the aisle (cue dramatic foreshadowing music). All in all I thought it would be just fine. And the location was gorgeous.

That night we enjoyed a delicious meal at Bridges Restaurant, best known for it's delicious fare and role as the backdrop in the restaurant scene in the movie, "Mrs. Doubtfire." I have some really unflattering pictures here, which I'm sure everyone will be really happy about.

My soon-to-be-sister and bro in a sweet jacket enjoying their delicious salads. (not sure what the best man is doing there.

Aunt Nancy, my dad and me, also enjoying our salads. The head server conjured up these coloring sheets at one point. I didn't know restaurants that had multiple forks on the table even offered coloring - yay! Oh, and Gemma's macaroni and cheese might be the most delicious mac & cheese I've had in a loooong time (read: since I had the lobster macaroni & cheese at Mizuna).

At least my nieces are looking!

On Saturday, between the rehearsal and the wedding, my dad took the grandkids horseback riding. Becca and Austin went because they drew the short straws. And I'm pretty sure she's going to LOVE this picture:

The adults were good sports and wore helmets since the kids had to.

Emaline, with visions of the Belmont Stakes.

Donovan, with visions of being cool.

Gemma, distraught that there was a rule you had to be 5.

Looking at the horses.

Gemma takes petting horses very seriously.

This might be my favorite picture of my dad right now.


laura said...

Seriously, that picture of Paps is a thing of beauty.