Monday, June 27, 2011

Wedding Day, part I

I can always tell when Joel is reading my blog because from wherever he is sitting, he'll shout something. This was the case on Sunday when I'm in the kitchen getting dinner ready and I hear him yell, "We DO have pictures from the rehearsal," punctuated by a heavy sigh at the end. I was momentarily perplexed, seeing as how I hadn't said anything in quite a while and was currently distracted with measuring spices to simmer with my quinoa. But then I realized what he was talking about and bypassed pointing out that he was behind in his reading since I had posted that a couple days before, and moved onto a, "Well...I couldn't find them. I don't think they were very good, anyway." Which of course he took as a grave affront. So I found one and looksy there - everyone looks odd:

Ainsleigh and Emaline look vaguely interested in what they're supposed to be doing. Gemma is examining the ground in search of insects to pick up (and inadvertently squish). Donovan looks like he is contemplating using the pillow for nefarious purposes. The wedding planner is napping. Jess's dad looks like he's all, "Oh boy. My little girl is getting married and THIS is the best we could do." (in all seriousness - he is a very nice, lovely man) And then Jess, looking all hot in a dress I covet, is thinking, "We don't have to have tiny attendants..."

So there you go. A picture from the rehearsal.

On to...WEDDING DAY! First, it's kind of adorable that my brother is a mess on days of significance. We saw him earlier in the day and I suspect he was traveling with a barf bag. Not like he was nervous or doubting - just super anxious. He wanted everything to be perfect. (spoiler alert: it was)

First, the location was gorgeous. We arrived early for some pre-wedding photos with the bride. Jess looked stunning, and as she and her bridesmaids finished up their pictures, Joel and I did everything possible to keep our kids clean.

This is where having a bunch of Backyardigans episodes on my phone comes in handy. And look! Their dresses stayed clean!

Then Jess and the ladies went into hiding and out came the men.

Tying rings on is a skill.

Dono and Uncle David

The picture is of Donovan in front of the men. But the gift is a glimpse of my mom with her smokin bod.

This picture says it all. Mom: joy. Becca: Excitement. Donovan: Let's be crazy!
Occasionally he takes good pictures:

The kids with their Grandparents. Obviously Annabelle is distraught to realize WE are her relations.

My sisters and me.

Would you believe me if I said we didn't know what anyone else was wearing. We just all walked out of our rooms and said, "Oooh, I like your dress!" It wasn't until we were lining up to photograph that we thought, "Hey - we look like we coordinated!" We have skills like that. Also, props to Becca for not wearing the hot pink number she had contemplated. (I kid!)

I may be biased, but I think my bro is pretty handsome.

Dono looks a bit off in this photo, but it's not very often I get a picture with just this little guy.

The photographer was snapping pictures like a maniac and issuing instructions about how to build our photos, saying, "Let's do a picture with just Jeff. Then just Jeff and parents. Then add siblings. Then add spouses. Then add kids, etc." So we all lined up for the Jeff+parents+siblings picture and the photographer said, "No - just siblings right now." And we said, "Uh...yeah." And he came to a complete standstill with his mouth hanging open. "You're...They're all...These are ALL you children?!" My parents shrugged as if to say, "I guess so." The photographer just shook his head in wonder and said, "Wow. You do NOT see this any more." Heh.

My family. And I'll know Joel has read today's post when I hear him shout from the other room, "Why didn't you let ME edit that last one?!" Answer: It's been sitting marked in the folder ever since the wedding, my love, so I took matters into my own, however unskilled, hands.

This post is getting too long. More photos later. A lot more.


Kellie Knapp said...

you have a gift for giving photos that what it's called? I just really believed everyone was thinking what you said they were. Anyways, Macy and Gemma are not only red headed twins but costco skirt twins...Every time Macy wears it I can't stop humming the dancing with the stars theme song for obvious reasons.

AND my husband fact checks my blog and emails me his usual list of corrections WEEKS after I post something. And he always tells me I should have "cleaned up" this or that photo.... If they care so much, why dont THEY write a blog!!

Lisa said...

I adore your dress and demand to know where you got it. Stat.

And I love that rehearsal dinner picture. It's nice to know that you guys have awkward pictures often, too.

Sarah Burgoyne said...

You all look wonderful. Did you, your mom and your sisters at least have a color pallet to choose from or did you really all coordinate by chance? If so, bravo I say :)

TheKunks said...

Beautiful pics! You look like a hot mama! Your curls are perfect :) Come visit our blog and help us vote on a a baby name - pretty pls.