Saturday, July 30, 2011

No more baby

I turned around and discovered that my baby is a kid. There she is asking me how things are going or helping unload the dishwasher (sort of) or folding laundry (not really) or helping me make dinner (yes, actually). I look at her and am both startled to see her doing non-baby/toddler things and reassured to think, "There you are, you person. I know you!"

It's interesting to see how her personality is the same as it has always been, just more. I guess that's what getting older means. It's just funny to see how some things don't change. She's incredibly stubborn, this one. But she's also a cuddler - often I'll be pushing the shopping cart through Target or Costco and she'll reach out and say, "Mommy, I want a hug." It's a little difficult to push a cart while you're embracing someone in the seat. But it's possible. And I recommend it.

The best part is seeing how her personality meshes with the other kids. She has Ainsleigh's quiet concentration and Donovan's excitement over the smallest things. All three have vivid imaginations and, thanks to Dora, some of Gemma's role playing happens in Spanish. Together, they have some amazing adventures that only they understand. And the cackling, no matter at how stupid a thing, brings me joy like no other.

I like seeing the person she is. Her older siblings are so good to her. Ainsleigh spends a lot of time playing with her and Donovan is always the first to giggle and say, "Gemma is so adorable." It's no wonder that Gemma will observe Ainsleigh or Donovan drawing or writing and utter over and over, "Dat is so good. You are so good at dat. Good job!" No lack of confidence here.

Whether she's following me around while I'm doing yardwork and spontaneously begins singing a Justin Bieber song, or shuddering on the toilet and saying, "Whoa...dat was some crazy poop dare," or how she has totally taken over her fashion selections (dresses, only. the twirlier the better. anything less is a tragedy of epic proportions. EPIC.), or how she will call out, "Turn duh music wowder, pweez!" as we're driving around town, she makes each day new and fun and exciting.

I'm kind of the luckiest mom in the world.


laura said...

I just want to stroke her cheek, is that weird?

Lisa said...

Goodness, she is just so adorable! I love the pictures of all 3 of them.