Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding Day, part II

Why is this taking me so long to get to?! Ok, let's get right to it. THE WEDDING.

I will admit to being just a touch concerned that my children's a better way to say it: Hope for the best, expect the worst. Especially since it was an evening wedding, with dinner not starting until 7 (8, Colorado time), I worried that everyone else would leave the wedding grateful that they weren't my kids' parents. Plus, my three kids and my sister Allison's two kids were THE ONLY CHILDREN. So they had to represent. I had cautiously warned my brother that we might not stay for dancing (starting at 8), depending on the mood.

I'm just going to say it right now: I was crazy proud of how my kids did.

As the wedding party made its way down the aisle, I thought, "Well here we go. This will be fun!" Since we were at the front, I couldn't see my kids coming down the aisle at first. A soft murmur of giggles and sighs came trickling down so I thought, "Oh good. Hopefully they're being cute." I couldn't quite see Gemma - just the top of her head. And it was...bobbing? Up, then down. Up, then down. What was she doing?! Please don't be picking up ants. PLEASE.

Then she came into view and there she was, in all her Gemma-ness, clutching her little bouquet to her chest, taking one step, then raising the other leg in back of her in a lovely arabesque. Then taking a step, then raising the other leg. Her face was very still, very serious. On the last step, she leaned way forward to get maximum leg extension to the rear. Then she stopped for just a moment before throwing both hands up overhead and giving us a lovely pirouette before sashaying off to the side. Ok, that was pretty freaking awesome. Good job, ladybug.

As Jess began her walk down the aisle on the arm of her father, I nudged Joel and nodded toward Jeff. "Get THAT picture," I whispered. He just looked so dang happy and peaceful. It's a good face.

A little while later and the ceremony was complete. There was a lovely cocktail hour before we headed inside for an incredibly delicious dinner. I told my kids they could drink as much soda as they wanted (wheeeeee!) and Donovan felt super tough telling the bartender, "A Roy Rogers please. I'll be back." I finally cut him off after his fifth one, I think. Gemma and Ainsleigh had several Shirley Temples.

They wedding cake was lovely and my mom had made the groom's cake as Jeff requested: Funfetti with funfetti frosting. Wouldn't you know it - that was the cake everyone wanted. A pretty cake is a very nice decoration, but when it comes to deliciousness, funfetti is where it's at.

And then the dancing started. So far, so good. The DJ was fantastic and my kids were itching to get out there, so away we went. At one point, we're dancing and I look to my left where I can see a circle has formed around someone dancing. I move over to see what's going on, and what should my eyes behold: Donovan. Breakdancing. BREAKDANCING. My sister laughed and said, "I didn't know he could do that!" Perplexed, I replied, "Um, yeah. *I* didn't know he could do that."

This was a little later. Red face = working hard.
We danced for two hours. The only indication I had that Gemma might be getting tired was when I looked over at one point and she was laying, face down, on the dancefloor. She didn't respond to anyone, just had her eyes closed. Thirty seconds later she popped back up and resumed vibrating and swaying. When the bridesmaids came over and asked Donovan if he wanted to dance with them, he kind of looked at me quickly with a cautiously excited face. "Do you WANT to dance with them?" I asked, smiling and nodding. He enthusiastically nodded his head and took off. I think he danced with every woman out there.

Annabelle and Gemma, tearing it up toddler-style.
When it came time for Jess to toss the bouquet, Ainsleigh said, "They said all the single women? So I'm going to try." Good move. She did not, however, catch the flowers despite a genuine effort. My sister Becca DID catch it, though. I don't know how long we have to perfect our moves for the next dance party, but we'll get on it, stat.

Jeff and Jess left in a beautiful car and that was the end of the night. As soon as we got the kids into the car, Gemma passed out. I don't think she even woke up when we changed her into her pjs. The other kids were exhausted. It was a big day. They performed exceptionally. I joked that they really needed to come out of their shells a little more, but that was a cover for some serious pride.

It was a good party. It was a good day (begun with my little bro's farewell talk). Man, I love my family. ALL of them.


Nataluscious said...

First off, I am sad you did not get video of Gemma walking... ahem, dancing down the aisle. Too cute!

Second, funfetti is, in fact, WHERE. ITS. AT. Good call Jeff, good call.