Friday, July 22, 2011

You're welcome

The weekend is upon us and Joel is away visiting his brother, so naturally we are going to subsist solely on guacamole and ice cream. Not together, mind you. But here's the thing - I found the greatest guacamole recipe of all time. A couple weeks ago I was snooping around on some gluten-free blogs in anticipation of feeding friends. The wife has had to eliminate gluten due to her nursing baby's allergies. There are worse fates, I suppose, though I cannot imagine having to say goodbye to wonderful delicious bread.

Anyway, one blog had a recipe for guacamole. I'm not sure that my previous attempts have had gluten, but I was intrigued by the idea of using chopped tomatillos. So I tried it. I may or may not have resorted to eating it with a spoon. Sweet fancy Moses, it is DIVINE. Chop everything (except the avocados - those I do a little bigger. they break down, but I like a little chunkiness to my guac) super fine and get yourself some fabulous chips. Serve your kids ice cream for dinner and they won't be so concerned with eating your dip. Also, if you press plastic wrap to the top, then it's still a beautiful bright green the next day. Yay! Oh, and I halved the recipe and it was plenty for 4 adults and 3 (eating) children, and enough for me to have a little the next day.


Want to try my favorite chicken marinade? Ok, but promise you'll either grill the chicken or broil it. That is key. Also, the longer you marinate it, the better.
3 T soy sauce
1 T honey
1 T oil
1 T lime juice
1 tsp garlic, chopped
4 chicken breasts
Did you notice I've used marinade and marinate? That's no typo, people. The T is for the verb, the D is for the noun. There's your grammar lesson for the day. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Homemade ice cream is probably the most delicious treat you can give yourself this summer. I've tried a lot of recipes, but if you want something easy and reliable, you gotta go with the masters: Ben & Jerry. My sister got their cookbook long ago when she was acquiring kitchen appliances before graduating high school (she's got priorities, people. Her husband was no dummy - he knew he'd be taken care of. Also, she's nice.). It remains the highlight of my summer:
2 large eggs
3/4 C sugar
2 C heavy whipping cream (you could go lighter, but why?)
1 C milk
2 tsp vanilla
Whisk eggs 1-2 minutes. Whisk in sugar a little at a time. Whisk in cream, milk and vanilla. Makes 1 quart. Freeze according to the directions on your freezer. (if you have a Cuisinart, turn it on and pour in the liquid. for best results, chill liquid for an hour or two before putting in the freezer) YOU'RE WELCOME.

And then if homemade ice cream just isn't quite enough (or you have store-bought ice cream that needs fancying up, make THIS:
Chocolate Fudge Sauce
1 C whipping cream
8 oz semisweet chocolate, chopped (I even use semisweet choc chips - gasp!)
4 T butter
1/4 C firmly packed brown sugar
2 T light corn syrup
In a small saucepan, heat cream over medium heat. Stir in everything else. Whisk until smooth. Cool slightly before serving.

My aunt served that years ago over Haagen-Dazs ice cream and I promptly demanded the recipe. It is hard in the fridge, people. And as your drizzle/pour it over your ice cream, it firms up just a touch so you kind of have to chew it. It is outstanding. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Proud parent moment of the day: Upon exiting the car at the grocery store (to load up on things to make guacamole and ice cream for the weekend, naturally), the smell of the nearby BBQ place assaulted (in a good way) our olfactory nerves and Donovan wistfully said, "I wish we could have bacon for lunch." Knowing that I had just purchased the package of pre-cooked bacon from Costco (after Ainsleigh begged me to - it was all her fault! But come one, what kids beg their parents for bacon? All kids? Maybe.), I shrugged and said, "Um, ok." WHAT?! Their faces broke out into grins, even when I told them they'd have to eat a sandwich first (Ainsleigh: Can I have leftover beef stroganoff instead? Me: Sure, grandpa.) Gemma was so pleased, she even told the checker, "We're having BACONNNNN for lunch!" Ok, that was a little embarrassing. Why, though? Because the girl smiled and said, "Can I come?" So here's my advice: eat something out of the ordinary this weekend. Who am I to judge if you want to eat the fudge sauce straight? It's happened. Then tell me what you're eating. Because hearing about food is almost as delightful to me as consuming it. Chances are good I'll be eating guacamole while reading email.



laura said...

AWESOME. I am picking up my new ice cream maker at BB&B tomorrow (thanks, 20% off coupon!) on my way home from a planned double feature at the movie theater. Can't wait to try the vanilla recipe. BEST WEEKEND EVER.

Angie said...

Thank you!!! I'm now going to make dinner:) Okay, I will marinate the chicken for tomorrow (did I use that word right?) Oh, and I would appreciate it if you keep looking for those tomatillo recipes because when my plant does start producing them I will have them coming out my EARS!!

Nataluscious said...

Just another tip on keeping guacamole green (because we eat a lot of guac around here ;)) - thinly slice limes and cover the top of the guac before storing it. Works like a charm! Excited to try a new recipe though, so thanks for sharing.

And if you love tomatillos, I suggest roasting them (along with jalapenos) and making salsa verde. Could drink that stuff down!