Saturday, August 27, 2011


Let's review how I started Warrior Dash 2011:

Whee! I'm running in make-up and a tutu!

I knew they had photographers along the course, but last year I couldn't find many photos of myself since the mud does a terrific job of covering your bib and there are approximately a billion "lost and found" photos. But wait, what was this? There was a photo associated with my name. So let's take a look at how I ended the race:

Hurdling fire with pizazz

And that, my friends, is HOW IT'S DONE.


Melin said...

The fire jumping photo needs to accompanying you for the rest of your life. Any time your photo needs to be displayed somewhere, directory, funeral etc. it better be there, it is AMAZING

Alice said...

OH my gosh I'm dying. you crack me up. Do you kids know how fun you are?

Anne said...

this is my favorite picture of all time. you are awesome.