Friday, August 5, 2011

The Pappiest of Birthdays

A few years ago, I started calling my dad Pappy. Not all the time. Just in that, "Give me a hug. And a backrub," way that daughters can. It's such a dumb word. And so backward sounding and ignorant (my dad's mom's favorite word - hello Grandma!). It's like the bald Stooge being named Curly.

But today is his birthday and is he relaxing and growing old quietly? Nope. He's up in Tahoe with my Mom (Moom, when we want a hug), relaxing after an "easy" morning ride where their average speed is far above my max. Tomorrow they head out for a torturous grueling insane adventurous ride where they will pedal like demons.

In a month, he and my mom are running their first half marathons. That is the main reason I'm running my first next Saturday (8 days, but who's counting). Even over a decade after I flew the coop, my Dad continues to inspire and push me without trying to. He sets goals and then crushes them. His shadow is a very intimidating and wonderful place to be.

My favorite emails are the ones between my dad, mom and sisters regarding our training progress. Always encouraging each other, moments of pride, advice and suggestions aplenty. I can't really describe why they are so fantastic. They just are. Few things give me as much joy as hearing that my dad is tearing it up on the pavement; or that he has added some new songs to his playlist - ones *I* like to listen to, and let's remember I have the taste of an adolescent; or that he is investing in some new running clothes; or pretty much anything my dad has to say.

The reason is simple: I love my dad.

That seems pretty trite. A lot of people love their dads. And a lot of people love MY dad. I guess I just recognize that I love my dad, and my DAD - Mark - is my dad. I win twice. But really it feels like a million times over.

So I wish him the happiest pappiest birthday as he makes getting older look pretty dang fantastic. He recognizes and appreciates the finer things in life, and has fine-tuned himself for optimum success.

And he also likes the Three Stooges. A Renaissance man is what we have here.


Sarah Burgoyne said...

Wow, did you have this picture taken with this post in mind? Very impressive :)

laura said...

Hee! That picture has indeed been much improved. Excellent post for an excellent Paps.