Tuesday, September 6, 2011

bringing her up right

"You're so BIG," I whined, as I buckled Gemma into her carseat after her first day of preschool.
"I AM big," she nodded in agreement.
"What happened to my small Gemma?"
"I'm right here," she responded, sounding a little perplexed.
"No, I mean my tiny Gemma that I used to rock back and forth and just cuddle!" I moaned.
Jamming her thumb into her chest as if to punctuate each word, she impatiently replied, "I'M.RIGHT.HERE."

Touche. I suppose I do still rock and cuddle her. But she's like a big stinkin' kid (emphasis on the stinkin, depending on the day's activities) who whispers, "I'm nervous," while I brush her hair before her big day and then later declares, while walking out to the car and extending a hitchhiker's thumb over her shoulder, "THAT was a great day."

I've discussed before my love and hate for particular words (by the way, if you're tempted to use a word in which you may not be entirely confident in the definition, read, or re-read, that entry. you're welcome). This is not something I've actually shared with my children, so imagine my joy a week ago when I was trying to hurry Gemma through getting dressed for the day:

While walking from her bedroom to mine, I quickly said over my shoulder, "Don't forget to change your panties." She trotted down the hall after me and said, "Uh...Mom?" I turned toward her, to see a funny look upon her face. "Did you say pannies? They're not pannies. They're called PAN-TEEZ."

I NEVER EVEN TOLD HER!!! Needless to say, I quickly apologized for the misunderstanding and tried to explain I would NEVER drop the T-sound. But in the back of my head, a choir of angels sang and tears were held back. I'm so proud. Since then, I've actually, WILLINGLY, dropped the T every now and then to see if she'd notice. She does. EVERY.TIME. She'll laugh and shake her head and say, "Not pannies, Mom. PAN-TEEZ." And I'll laugh and say I was testing her hearing and as I type this, I realize this is a very odd hearing test but I don't care because she's my kid and one of the best things about parenting is doing weird things to your kids. HEE!

So, I guess I'm ok with her getting big, because obviously I'm bringing her up RIGHT.


Allison said...

But the question remains, is "moist" in her vocabulary? If not, then pat yourself on the back.