Friday, September 16, 2011

Eclair Cake, Amen.

I never came back to the Eclair Cake I teased! (and I'll use any excuse to link back to that photo, thankyouverymuch) Probably because I've been too busy making and eating it. But I am NOT kidding around - you need to make this. It is surprisingly easy but looks gorgeous and tastes incredible. But then, I'm a sucker for a cream puff or eclair or anything custardy, really.

This recipe comes from my great friend Angie who has yet to make something I didn't want the recipe for. Actually, scratch that - I don't want the elk recipe, but that's mainly because I don't want to go hunting. Literally. I don't want to shoot an elk. But I could make it with beef and be just as happy.

Did you know that cream puffs are crazy easy to make? They are. You might not want to know that. I certainly wish I didn't. You can whip those things up in under 45 minutes. This cake takes a smidge longer because it should chill, but you expend about 10 minutes of effort. The Return On Effort is majorly in your favor.

And the filling is just a combo of pudding mixes, milk and cream cheese. Who doesn't love cream cheese? Oh, I know: Kari's Mom. Kari told me this like 8 years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. Obviously it made a huge, tragic, impression on me. But anyway, I bet even Kari's mom would like this recipe - I almost gave someone the recipe without the cream cheese ingredient because I had forgotten it was even in there.


In a large pot, bring the following to a boil:
1 c. water
1/2 c. butter
1/4 tsp salt
After boiling, remove from heat, add 1 cup flour and beat until soft ball forms...let cool 5 minutes. Beat in 4 eggs one at a time. Spread in cookie sheet.  Bake @ 400 for 30 mins.  It will be mountainous, I flatten it when it's hot. You will cut it in half and layer it in a 9X13 with the pudding.

1 small pkg white chocolate instant pudding
1 small pkg vanilla instant pudding
3 cups milk
Mix pudding then add 8oz cream cheese softened and beaten (if you mix it first it mixes into the pudding smoother)

Spread the pudding on the crust (top with other half of crust) and refrigerate for 2 hours and then top with Cool Whip then chocolate syrup. Be careful with the chocolate syrup.  This is the one time that too much takes over the dessert.
MY NOTES: I misread this the first time and layered the crust, half the pudding, the crust, then the other half of the pudding (I've now added the parenthetical above - I think my friend hadn't been so specific because I had already seen/eaten it). Only now do I see that maybe it should have been all in the middle? Whoops. And I might not have chilled it for a full 2 hours before I topped it. But I didn't have Cool Whip on hand, so I use what I ALWAYS have on hand: heavy whipping cream. OF COURSE. I recommend you permanently replace any call for cool whip with whip cream. Duh.
The first time, I did a light Hershey's Syrup drizzle. It was good, but it has a distinct flavor. The second time, I got out some Hershey's Hot Fudge sauce, warmed that up, and drizzled that on top (ok, so I spooned a little into a sandwich ziplock back and then cut off a corner and drizzled it that way) and it was Uh-MAY-sing!!

Despite what you may think, this is actually a pretty light dessert, and not too sweet. 

And it makes a delicious breakfast.


wanda said...

So I am confused. The recipe doesn't say what to do with the second crust, you reference it in your notes... Does that mean that you think it was supposed to go: crust, pudding mixture, whipped cream, chocolate, crust? Or: crust, pudding mixture, crust, whipped cream, chocolate? Help!

Sarah said...

I layered it crust-pudding-crust-pudding-whipped cream-drizzle. But I think it's supposed to be crust-pudding-crust-whipped cream-drizzle.

I think I'll stick with my layering because there isn't so much pudding in the middle that it has potential to slide, if that makes sense? You can't really go wrong, though, with making up your own layering plan, I think.

Nataluscious said...

Thanks for the recipe. I've been looking for a new breakfast food ;).

anne said...

Oooo, this is one of Brian's favorite desserts. I have a recipe that is very similar, but I will have to give this particular one a whirl. Try topping it with chocolate ganache. To die for!