Wednesday, September 28, 2011

pigtails, socks, a gala, and a slump

I'm in a slump. Every time I think, "I haven't written anything for a while," I kind of shrug and think, "What's to write?"

I could complain about the sock situation in our house. It is OUT OF CONTROL. I swear no two socks of Donovan's are actually matched. And I never knew we had so many KINDS of socks (though I suspect some are socks of friends who have been left here). As I type, there are 6 socks on the stairs waiting for Donovan to take them up. Six DIFFERENT socks. Where are their mates? Why is it so hard to put socks in the laundry? I'm instating a new rule: for every sock I pick up, Donovan has to give me a quarter. I'm going to strike it rich, I tell you.

And how much is there to really say about Gemma's pigtails? And yet, I spent a good part of the day thinking about how they could probably cure cancer or create world peace. They are so fantastic and LONG. It's like her hair is taking steroids or something. And she loves having her hair in pigtails or braids. My favorite part of the day is when she gets up from her nap and her pigtails are kind of smashed against her head in a kind of bedhead style only a 3 year old can get away with.

Or I could talk about how one of my favorite parts of the day is when I read to the kids, not because they love Harry Potter so much, but because Ainsleigh spends the time playing with my hair. Words cannot accurately express just how much I love this. She brushes and braids and styles and starts all over again. Wisely, she has learned that I will read for as long as she does this. Lucky for me, she will do this for up to an hour, if I let her. The end result is that she is actually becoming quite good and her french braid actually looks like a french braid. A couple mornings ago, as I dropped her off at school early for choir rehearsal, I did a double-take as I realized she had done her own hair. That shouldn't seem that monumental since she has been doing that for a while, but it was the STYLE that gave me pause - she had braided the sides back into what she called, "a braid crown. With flowers." Yep - that's exactly what it was. And I love that Ainsleigh has taught Gemma how to deal with tangles - she has Gemma hold her breath while she brushes her hair. Brilliant. Gemma rarely cries now. I thought I'd be sad not to have small babies/kids any more, but it turns out the older kids are pretty fantastic, too.

Then there's the gala we went to last week. And by "we" I mean just Joel and me. We got a babysitter and went into Denver. On a school night! We weren't sure what to expect, but I can tell you right now I wasn't expecting to be one of 600 people there. Or that we'd sit at a table right at the front. Or that I'd be the only woman at the table to eat her entire filet (actually, I could have guessed that). Or that Joel would be recognized or praised by so many people. I realized it was the first time I had been to an event with him where he was surrounded by peers (outside of co-workers). And I've always thought he was pretty fantastic (duh), but it was refreshing and delightful to hear people I didn't know cite examples of his work that they were impressed with. And I was proud. Proud to be introduced by him as "my wife." The food was good, the people were nice, and my husband is kind of a rock star.

If only he'd put his socks away.


janine said...

for this exact reason, i only buy one brand and style of socks for ALL the kids in the same size as they only barely differ in shoe sizes. this way, EVERY sock can fit with any other sock in the house. this has simplified my life. congrats to joel. i love when others see the brilliance we've always known in our husbands!

Alice said...

That is AWESOME that Ainsleigh can braid your hair, there is another plus side to having a girl, I'm hoping Sylvia will be playing/braiding my hair some day!

GWACK said...

Glad to know you're still alive and kickin'. BTW, you can't say you went a gala without telling us what you wore! Congratulations to Joel!

GWACK said...

Sorry...went TO a gala.

Yvette said...

So happy you picked up writing again! I was wondering what was going on over there because i hadn't seen a post in a while. I was getting into a slump because the silence was getting hard to bear. I need my Sarah fix every so often!