Monday, October 31, 2011

Mischief Managed

I found this note on my nightstand Saturday night after our church Halloween party where the kids scored their first haul of candy. He is learning the fine art of tempering a proposition with flattery. I appreciate that. I'll probably say yes.

Be in known: He is NOT Harry Potter!

And she is NOT Hermione Granger! (you can't see her holding a book that clearly reads: Tom Riddle's Diary)

THEY are Ginny and Ron Weasley. See the stuffed rat? See the absence of black hair, a scar, glasses, bushy brown hair, and a copy of "A History of Hogwarts"? SEE THE RED HAIR?!

Those who are in the know quickly understood what we were going for. I, for one, am very pleased with how the costumes turned out (thank you, Moom, for handling the robe situation so well)(note to self: deciding 10 days before Halloween that "I could probably just make the scarves" even though I don't even know how to knit, is not the wisest strategy)(*pats self on back*).

Happy Halloween, people. Gemma in her choice of princess dress-ups to follow.


wanda said...

They look so wonderful in their costumes. Is that a tinkertoy wand? And you got BOTH scarves done, good for you!

laura said...

They look awesome! Mom should totally sell those robes on eBay and make a fortune. They're even lined! And you seriously knitted those scarves? Niiiice.

Alice said...

Your kids have the coolest Halloween costumes!

celeste said...

huzzah, weasleys! red hair and everything! you guys don't mess around. :)

dawnanne said...

i understood right away! no question. the red hair. and the props! what were people thinking? amy was luna lovegood a few years back. she had radish earrings and carried the magazine her father published ( the quibbler ) and people still were confused! imagine! haha--i thought it was brilliant (she did it herself--but got tired of explaining it to everyone) your kiddos are darling!