Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My mom can run farther than your mom

Look how cute my moom is:

Here she is modeling the racing tank I had made for her first half marathon. You know, because she's such a rock star. (If you're interested, I had this and my dad's shirt printed at - they were a pleasure to work with and the quality is exceptional. I was so impressed, I used them again when I made a shirt for my sister Laura since she's running the NY MARATHON in a couple weeks. nobigdeal) I had each of my siblings write something encouraging on a piece of white paper with a black sharpie, then photograph it and email it to me. I worked a little magic in photoshop and voila, here is the back:

Have you ever seen such a glorious ponytail? You might understand why, after seeing my mom,
I don't think my hair is that thick. It's all perspective.

Anyway, today is her BIRTHDAY. When she was here visiting, we went to the gym. She's such an animal, and I couldn't have been prouder. I totally wanted to keep pointing at her and announcing, "Check out the hard body over there. That's my mom!" As if that somehow ups my cred.

The determination she brings to the gym (or training for a half marathon or century bike ride) is the same that she brings to most projects, be they quilting, throwing a dinner party or raising six children. She's not out to be #1 in the world, but she's out to do the best dang job she can. And for those of us who are the recipients (or spectators), she's #1 in our world. She's not your average Grandma, but with a name like Wanda, what were you expecting?

Happy birthday, Mom. Come back soon. I promise I won't make you work the whole time. (But I'll totally haul you to the gym so I can walk around pointing at you and declaring, "That's my mom!")


Angie said...

She is awesome! I love the shirts...that's a good idea! Oh, and I have a dog suggestion whenever you want to talk about it:)

laura said...

CUTE. Mom is cute, this post is cute, everything is cute.