Friday, October 14, 2011

A question for the ages

Does the the message itself ease the horror when the media used are a sharpie and your hardwood floor?

His penmanship is improving.
Of all the messages he could have placed in our entryway, this was what he chose.
It happened on Joel's watch.


For sale:
6 year old boy. Comes with sharpies.


NancyO said...

Oh dear. I guess kids are a real mixed bag. At least it wasn't "Up yours, mom and dad."

laura said...

Hahaha I love Nancy's comment. Silver lining!

Also, I got Dono's letter today and it's like my favorite possession. I especially like that he interrupts his thoughts every couple lines to be like "can you come over?"

Melin said...

I did that when I was (a lot) older than he is and I vividly remember how my mom handled it---"that's a nice sentiment melinda, but the wrong place"


Dawnette and Mark Coltrin said...

Awesome.. sort of... happened on Joel's watch... love it

Katie Ross said...

And I thought crayon writing (non-washable) all over the walls was bad....

Angie said...

I should have mentioned this earlier...but hairspray can take off permanent marker if it's not too dry:(

Gill Family said...

hahaha! oh boy do i feel your pain (and joy!) it goes so quickly!! as i'm sure you know. savor it (I can tell you do :)