Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Starfish on the glass

Have you ever watched a starfish move? Last week, my mom was in town and we went to the Butterfly Pavilion and saw these starfish (because butterflies=starfish, obviously) that were walking across the glass. The underside is comprised of hundreds of tiny...I don't know what, but they look like tiny, short spaghetti. They move furiously and the starfish seems to glide over the glass ever so slowly. In fact, you might almost believe they aren't moving at all, except then you walk over to pet the horseshoe crab and when you come back, the starfish is gone.

I've been thinking about these starfish a lot lately, and how I kind of feel like one. Between getting kids to school and volunteering and trying to make quality time for kids and planning meals and keeping house and focusing on my obligations at church, I feel like parts of me are moving like crazy, while it feels like I'm not actually going anywhere very quickly.

My mom was in town for 6 days and it felt like 2. Before she arrived, I texted her:
You should also plan to help make Hogwarts robes while you're here.
Now delete "help" from the previous sentence.
And she came through with flying colors. The kids could not be happier with their robes and I could not be happier that Halloween is almost here so we can finally cut Donovan's blasted hair. I know he wanted to grow it out so he could be a proper Ron, but it's driving me CRAZY.

Everyone should have a mom who you wish was around a lot more. I tried to woo her into staying by taking her to The White Chocolate Grill and to the Brown Palace for tea. The kids loved having her read "The Adventures of Treehorn" and other fine fiction. Donovan cried openly when she left.

We've had soccer and football and swimming and choir and now October is almost over. I'm like the starfish that isn't really moving that quickly, but when you look back after a few minutes, realize it has actually covered quite a lot of distance.

I haven't been very good about posting, and maybe it's because I feel like there's a lot of movement, but not a lot of progress. But now I look back and the kids' sports are coming to a close and Gemma is saying some outrageous things and Joel wrapped up his humongous amazing fantastic project and is sleeping again. Oh, and we bought a new car. I didn't mention that before, did I? It was a couple months ago. A Subaru Outback, to be exact. With it and our season passes to Winter Park for skiing (or snowboarding), we're one step away from being official Coloradoans. Now all we need is a dog.

Did I mention we're looking at getting a dog? I have my favorites, but if you have any suggestions for a low(no?)-shedding, agreeable family dog, I'm all ears. I'd like it under 30 pounds. We already have names picked out.

In the meantime, I'm going to try to enjoy my starfish pace. I just hope I don't fall off the glass.