Monday, November 14, 2011

The Final Countdown

It started with a half-hearted whine on Donovan's part, "I don't want to go to school." It had already been an irritating morning since I totally spaced Ainsleigh's choir practice and realized at 8:05 she was supposed to be there, but hadn't even eaten breakfast yet. Ugh.

My beloved had already volunteered to walk them to school, so I went upstairs to leave him to deal with Donovan's mood and the inevitable chaos that ensues when I usually try to get them out the door. As I folded laundry in my bedroom, I heard the delightful opening strains of "The Final Countdown" waft up from our living room. I heard Joel, over the pumping synthesizer, enthusiastically say, "Shoes on! Let's do this! It's the final countdown!"

Gemma and I emerged onto the upstairs landing to see the kids kind of laughing and shaking their heads at their father. I began a slow clap and then joined him in shouts of encouragement, "You can do this! Rock this day OUT!"

And suddenly, the irritation from before melted away. That song has a way of doing that to me. And, what better way to start my day than loud music, cheering for your kids, and making them run through a tunnel on their way out the door.

Plus, it was also the final countdown to 7 hours without Donovan's requests for candy. Win-WIN.


laura said...

I love this so hard.

Alice said...

I want to live in your house sometimes....with you guys! I love how Dad's are so able to lighten the mood.