Thursday, November 17, 2011

Greatest. Person. Ever.

On our way to the pool tonight, I stopped at the mailbox. A big box awaited me and I glanced at the sender. I was delighted to see it was from my friend Alice who had requested my address, saying, "I have something fun to send you."

Exhibiting total lack of self-restraint, I tore into the box while sitting in my car and immediately squealed. The kids thought there was a mouse inside. Oh no, children.

Inside were Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Joe Joes. FOUR BOXES. I nearly wept for joy. Those of us living outside the TJ's boundaries miss out on a lot of delicacies. This is one.

On a regular day, these would be considered prized possessions. On a day where my face is only now recovering feeling after extensive dental work, these are extraordinary treasures bestowed from an angel.

Thank you doesn't begin to cut it. A few years ago, my friend Rachel S. earned person-of-the-year status* for mailing me bacon. Last year, as she reminded me, Laura sent me a cheesecake. Obviously she won for 2010. This year, Alice J wins, hands down. I can only imagine the great ideas she comes up with since with two adorable babies she certainly doesn't get much (any?) sleep.

I fully intend to eat an entire box tonight. (sending me back to the dentist? Perhaps)

(this post was so important, I downloaded the blogger app just for this. I should probably make sure my kids aren't drowning now...)

*person-of-the-year status awarded for mailing me delicious food. Obviously.


laura said...

OOOOOOHHHHHH I've been wondering if those were in stores yet! I'll have to make a trip this weekend. Yay for Alice!

PS remember when I mailed you cheesecake? Just saying.

Alice said...

YAY! So glad to make you happy. I knew you would appreciate them:):):)!!!! When I was buying them the lady was like "wooooh, you really like them" I said I'm mailing them to a friend, she was all, "in Colorado eh?" Yup.